Pit Bull Training Tips

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

www.pitbullstraining.demand-market.com how to train pitbull? These are the Pit Bull “secrets” professional dog trainers don’t want you to know!

What do you think?

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  1. MrRottweilerlover1 says:

    Which dog is better Rottweiler or pittbull ?? Please I don’t want bias

  2. fenceman456 says:

    @MrRottweilerlover1 a dogs a dog,if your looking for a athletic dog and good guard dogs then pitbulls are the ones,if your looking for companionship good guard dog and a decent athlete den a rotweiller,i have a pit myself and i am thinking of getting a rotweiller next both great dogs good as each other

  3. MrRottweilerlover1 says:

    @fenceman456 I do agree about that as a result my dad tommorow will get me a Pitbull and he will get a Rottweiler as I am 18 and I think it will be more fun to get a pitbull . Thanks for the answer .

  4. arnufidice says:

    At 1:10 I thougt he was going to do push ups ; )
    great dog!

  5. arnufidice says:

    @arnufidice Wooa, i paused to coment, he actuali did!! haha

  6. 12345aramirez says:

    im going to train my dog to bite little kids lol

  7. Josewazheretoday says:

    Thats so cute

  8. niiiiiiiiiiiiiice

  9. 2010dcshoes says:

    @MrRottweilerlover1 PITBULL verrrrry better i dont like rottweilers because 2 of them bit me and i have 3 pitbulls and non of them have ever bit me ever all they have done is lick me

  10. Heartlessmusic666 says:

    @12345aramirez Oh yeah, that’s really funny.


    best guide to train pitbulls to their 100 % maxium found here

  12. awesome 😀

  13. TheeeForttt says:

    This was cool…

  14. karabowman59 says:

    I have a pitbull and he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. trainingpuppies1 says:

    some good info in this video, my videos also have alot of good stuff to help people

  16. 12flyerz345 says:

    This isnt wack at all cool video

  17. Lazaros20ify says:

    what is the song playing????

  18. ZazereathRC says:

    isn’t that Wallace the pitbull frisbe dog?

  19. TheWarloghe says:

    Wow, that’s pitbull training tips? All I saw it do was a few sits and downs. The rest was the dog running around, hanging off tires, and pulling tires. Doesn’t show any interaction with people, no interaction in stressful situations, and absolutely no display of how well the dog handles stressful situations.

  20. annahialate says:

    what age can i start training my pit??

  21. lukaqwerty7 says:

    @annahialate 4 months

  22. jokerlikeskating says:

    wats name of song

  23. TJBrunsonProductions says:

    @lukaqwerty7 Yeah, when they are young (2 months etc) they have the attention span of a GOLDFISH. Jheeze but by 4 months as the earliest is probably the best time to start.

  24. TJBrunsonProductions says:

    Hahaahahahahahaa 2:10 was hilarious hahahahahaha

  25. LOL!!! Great video

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