Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Dog Training Tips

Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Dog Training Tips

By Tim Amherst

When training your Pit Bull terrier puppy, there are several problems you might encounter. By becoming familiar with these problems and probable solutions, you will be better able to deal with them should they arise.

Some Pit Bull terrier puppies have problems with what is known as submissive urination. If your puppy has a habit of squatting to urinate when you approach him, it is known as submissive urination. This is not an issue related with a training problem, it is caused by your puppy being insecure. The puppy for whatever reason, feels intimated or scared of you. The first inclination is to punish your puppy for this problem, but it will probably only make the situation worse. You have to find a way to make your puppy feel comfortable around you. Giving him treats as you approach him may help, crouching as you come near, anything to get his attention away from you should solve the problem.

Many small puppies will have a hard time learning to control their bladder when they get excited. There is no treatment or training that will solve this, the puppy will outgrow it over time. As the puppy grows and gets older, his bladder muscles will get stronger and this problem should go away. Again, if you punish your Pit Bull puppy for this, you will probably make the problem worse, or cause it to develop into other issues.

One common problem with many puppies, not just Pit Bull puppies, is that they like to chew on everything. Many owners get rid of their puppies because they like to chew up their belongings, furniture, shoes, etc. Providing your puppy with lots of chew toys may help with this. Another fix may be to try to keep anything you consider valuable out of the puppy’s reach, much as you would do with children. Most puppies chew and bite because they are having teething pain, and this to often goes away as the puppy gets older.

A good Pit Bull terrier owner will learn to be patient with all of these little problems, and work through them as they arise. Devoting time out of your day to play and bond with your puppy may help or eliminate some of these issues. It is important to always try to stay positive, being negative or punishing your dog does make these problems worse. Time is often the best solution, as you and your new puppy are both adjusting to someone new.

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