Pit Bull Terrier Myths: Not Really the Dog You've Heard Them to Be

Pit Bull Terrier Myths: Not Really the Dog You’ve Heard Them to Be

By Tim Amherst

Pit Bulls are undeniably the most controversial canine pet at the current time. They are the first to be pulled into the media limelight, as anything they are accused of makes headlines people eagerly wish to read. Sadly, the Pit Bulls who have actually harmed humans are dogs who have been neglected and not properly trained.

Along with unfit owners, the myths which are perpetuated by the unlearned about Pit Bulls give the dog an undue bad reputation. Some of the more popular myths concerning Pit Bulls are circulated continually on the internet via chain emails, which get passed to millions of people who’ve never spoken with an owner of, nor had the pleasure of having a Pit Bull in their family.

These untruthful rumor mails always talk about a friend of a cousin’s uncle who knew someone who had a neighbor who met a guy that once heard something about a Pit Bull, and it’s never a good thing. Hopefully, this article will set the record straight on the matter, and expose them for what they are, which is an electronic viral email of ignorance.

Myth: Pit Bulls were specially bred from dogs which had a mutation in the jaw that created a locking jaw, and all modern Pit Bulls have these locking jaws. Once they latch on, they cannot release.

Truth: The locking jaw rumor is a myth. Pit Bulls are not physiologically different from any other breeds of dogs. This means that the Pit Bull has no special jaw or teeth which would make the dog have a locking jaw. It’s a bogus statement, which perpetuates the Pit Bull as a menace to any who may be around them.

Myth: Pit Bulls are by nature aggressive to humans, and make excellent guard dogs because of this trait.

Truth: Pit Bulls do tend to be aggressive toward other dogs, which is not a trait specific to this breed. As a matter of fact, most all breeds of terriers tend to be this way. Pit Bulls who have been raised by caring owners make very affectionate pets. Remember the dog from the original Little Rascal series? Well he was Petey, and he was a Pit Bull. Petey was praised as being one of the smartest dogs in film, and he worked with a horde of children.

Myth: Pit Bulls are notorious for turning on their owners without warning.

Truth: There is no evidence on record which states that ANY breed of dog has a natural tendency to turn on their owners on a whim. As a matter of fact, any aggression by canines is always preceded by some type of warning from the dog. Indeed, it is usually the owners inability to read the dog’s body language and signals which result in a dog turning on the owner. Any dog, regardless of breed, has the same chance statistically to change temperament on the owner.

As long as there are headlines to be made, and inept and uncaring pet owners, there will always be a target breed to satisfy our human need to have unreasonable fear of the unknown. The German Shepherd as well as the Doberman have both been the “dog to fear” in the past, and now unfortunately for the Pit Bull, it’s his turn to be unduly hated.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tim_Amherst

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