Pet's Records Can Ease Travel, Play, and Stays

Pet’s Records Can Ease Travel, Play, and Stays

When we think of our pets, we tend to think in terms of toys, food, and treats. However, pets have important documentation that is necessary for their health and well-being as treaured members of the family.

Proper documentation can be useful in situations such as travelling with your pet; leaving your pet with a pet-sitter or at a boarding facility; identifying a lost pet; and even something as simple as bringing your pooch to a doggie daycare for some fun and exercise. Some of the information you should keep close at hand include:

1. An up-to-date record of your pet’s vaccinations. Include the name, address, and telephone number of your veterinarian.

2. A record of medical conditions along with medication names, dosages, and instructions.

3. Accurate records of your pet’s identification numbers. This may include license tags, tattoos, and microchips.

4. A clear, recent (and preferably close-up) photo of your pet.

5. Emergency contact information. This can include both an alternate number where you may be reached, such as a cell phone number… as well as a trusted friend or family member’s name and telephone number (be sure to ask them for permission first so they aren’t taken by surprise!).

6. Any additional documentation that you may require. For instance, if you are travelling out of the country you may need to get supporting documentation for your pet (more information is available at ).

Keep two copies of each piece of documentation. An easy way to manage your pet’s records is to pick up a couple of folders at any office supply store and insert one copy into each folder. That way you’ll have one copy
for yourself, plus one extra. Place the folders in an easy-to-remember place and just grab one when needed!


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