PetLvrs Pet Halloween Costume Contest – Update 1

Win CASH with PetLvr’s 2008 Pet Halloween Costume Contest | Entries

As of October 17, 2008 …

* I now have 20 “official entries” for the PetLvr’s 2008 Pet Halloween Costume Contest which I am giving away $75 to a randomly selected entrant. I also have 8 more entries that still need to be uploaded. There are also 3 entries rejected because they did not follow the “official rules” (which basically mean you have to submit with the correct subject line or else I won’t find it here in my Gmail account .. I get over 1400 emails per day! .. and add some details about your pet’s costume) and I hope you re-enter!

* I now also have only 3 entries for the secondary prize which I’m giving away $25 to a randomly selected entrant who just mentions this contest on their blog or in their twitter account.

I will be leaving the links to the contest and entries at the top of our content for the rest of the month. I encourage you to humuliate your pet and take a really adorable picture of your pet in a halloween costume and enter it in our contest and be eligible for the grand prize! I also encourage you to spread the word of this contest to your own blog or even a mention on your twitter account and you can be eligible for the secondary prize!

Feel free to add a comment and cheer for your favorite costumed creature!~


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