– [The Blog] Welcomes Sidy Boy – [The Blog] welcomes Sherry as a “PetLvr Contributor” .. We’re not only happy to get Sherry .. but we were lucky enough to get the WHOLE BOARD OF DIRECTORS of The Wonderful World of Sidy Boy to help contribute to [The Blog] …

* Sidy Boy – Founder & President
* Scamp – Research & Development
* Sam Elliot – Treasurer
* Honey – Rescue
* Oliver – New Arrival
* Special Ed – Product Tester
* Puddy Tat – Seat Saver & Seat Warmer

And of course … Sherry Token Human in charge of typing and correspondence …

Sherry is in charge of typing and correspondance. She shows up for work literally every day, so we feel it’s suitable that we pay her the most respect and feature her on this page. She has had over 10 years experience working with dogs, as well as sharing her life with many of them over the years. She is currently living with the staff of The Wonderful World of Sidy Boy and tries her best to keep us happy. Most of the time we’re very satisfied with her work, however we are not too pleased with her on the days she feels we need haircuts or baths. Those are the days when we instruct Scamp to test the durability of one of her favorite items. This is how we learned that cell phone chargers, hands-free kits, the computer mouse and keyboard were not very durable.

Here are some of the other sites that Sherry has about dogs: – All about Schnauzers is a site about the 3 breeds of Schnauzers- the Giant, Standard and Miniature Schnauzer. – Is information about the Weimaraner. – is dog breeders, vets, rescues, etc located in Indiana. – is my main site.


Welcome Aboard Sherry and The Wonderful World of Sidy Boy! – [The Blog]
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