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Greetings and Salutations ..

Welcome to [The Blog]
Well, *knock on wood*, but the migration from our OLD Blogspot to this NEW blog site is complete.

I hope you like the new look and some design changes. And I should mention, that if you honestly believe that my design changes, tweaking and modifications are truly over .. you don’t really know me that well! 😀

I was almost about 90% finished on Friday Night, the day of the move, until I went to see how this site looked in Netscape. I was horrified and the entire top portion of this website was like a big blur. It was the same with Firefox. But, after spending most of Saturday learning what really was happening with my CSS stylesheets and figuring out a way to correct, I have learned a lot about this new software called WordPress.

If you just switched to WordPress and are using v.1.5 and the default ‘kubrick’ template #1, and having problems with CSS and the headings, you can go here to see how I ended up solving fixing my problem.

Tomorrow … it’s my birthday and it seems fitting to mark this Historical Date of Monday July 11, 2005 as “Day One” of the *New & Improved* – [The Blog] .. I have just made a special backup copy of the entire database files and folders. It shall be interesting to see where we are on July 11, 2006.

I hope this site proves to be a valuable resource center for Pet Lovers (PetLvr’s) everywhere.

Take care.
aka HART

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