– [The Blog] Design Changes..

I would just like to warn everybody that there will be another cosmetic update here at – [The Blog] … I will be updating to “VERSION 3” template.

I really liked the ole ‘Gila’ theme “VERSION 2” template, which was implemented September 11, 2005 (see here, here and here) … but it’s time for another change. Hopefully, if I ever get this right – I will find the perfect template and design that I will never have to change!

I hope to accomplish at least three things with this new template revision:

1) To reduce the amount of clutter

>> Basically, I will be converting back to a single sidebar, 2-column template instead of 3-columns. Also, I will try to push more of the clumps of linking into either “page” buttons or “drop down” menus. This should make it easier to navigate our site.

2) To better monetize advertising opportunities to recover costs

>> As a direct result of the clutter found on this site during “VERSION 2” template, practically all the advertisements were quite irritating, because they would not be contextually related to the content of entries, but rather a best guess of what this blog is about (looking at my title). Thus, you would be seeing a lot of ‘blog’ ads and other useless ads that are not appropriate, plus a lot of blank white space .. because there weren’t enough ads to be displayed (that’s how confusing it was – to google!) While this site is not about profit, I’m sure all of our sponsors and co-contributors of content would appreciate that you click on their website and affiliated graphic banners in our SPONSOR LINKS page to see what they have to offer.

3) Introduce a new logo

>> While I am not a graphic artist or anything like that, I have managed to take the standard template header picture with the upcoming “VERSION 3” template and “PetLvr’ized” it to get the following graphic. By the way … for the new template that is coming, it will be a modification of an existing template currently being used on another related blog of mine .. can you guess which one?

Here’s the tentative new logo ….

Changes will occur during the wee hours of the morning of Central Standard Time … please pardon any interuptions or inconveniences that may occur during this time. I will try to keep the down time to a minimum.


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