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Hello “PetLvr” readers…

Browser Wars …

I thought this was amusing .. If you look at the bottom of the page in my footer, I have two statistics icons .. one is for – which I originally used when I created this blog back on May 31, 2005 – and the green button is the free statistics. Because Statscounter is a login site .. it got very tiresome for me logging in everytime I wanted to see how this site is doing. Since late November? 2005 or around then, I have been placing the Sitemeter statistics on all my sites. In addition, there is an extra stats icon in our HART-Empire Network code in our sidebar – which groups all blogs in our network in one global view.

It’s also public – anybody can view our stats – Including me! When I want to see how this site’s doing, I just click on the green graphic. No logging in.

I was looking at our browser stats over the past few days … According to .. the green button .. this is the sum total of all unique visitors who have visited this site since the stats were placed in our footer last November 2005:

At the bottom of the page, on the left, are the statistics for .. I liked this free statistics so much that I increased the freebie statistics (100 units) to the larger 1000 units size. I’m not really sure how it works – although the 100 units seems to be the last 100 unique visitors to this blog .. the 1000 unit size seemed to hold much more than 1000 unique visitors’ statistics.

BROWSERS: According to SiteMeter


As you can see, about 86% of our users browse here using Internet Explorer .. mostly version 6.0. …. Wait until you guys tryout Version 7.0 ! That’s what I’ve been using and it’s much preferred over the version 6.0 (i.m.o.)

BROWSERS: According to StatsCounter

Keeping in mind that the statistics are for only the last 100 unique visitors .. Here are three randomly taken images I took out of there during the middle of the night, just before lunch, and after supper …

See how it’s all over the place? Geesh .. that’s why I started using .. I just wasn’t comfortable with what I was reading over at


PS: I’ve also been using another tool for looking at my statistics .. see

Between these two free utilities .. that’s pretty much what I use to monitor what’s going on around here. Maybe once every three months I might look at my server statistics for the detailed stuff which I rarely know how to interpret properly. Oh, same with Google Analytics – which is active in this blog as well. It’s interesting … but, I just don’t know how to interpret it properly.

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