PetLvr Shop – New and Improved for 2016

Thank-You for your patience. Our site has been in “Maintenance Mode” this past week and I have been working evenings trying to give the site a new look.

The last time this site had a major renovation was back in 2011, when I converted this site to more of a “community” and “blog forum” than, just a blog. It was going great until I suffered a brain trauma injury in January 2013 and received “Fourth Nerve Palsy” or, double vision. Fortunately, the 4th Palsy is one of the six palsies that one’s body can repair the damage, and by end of 2013 my body had healed itself. Meanwhile, I admin that I neglected this domain and website. But, the thing was that well, … the more I didn’t do here – the more earnings the blog would make (adsense) and more traffic the blog would receive (archives) so I just left it alone! That died down, and by early March 2014 the spammers. and comment spam was just too much and I quickly disabled the “forum” and community part of this blog, put in a “temporary” new theme design with a caveat suggesting “Website under development – New Theme coming soon!”

Yup. That was in June 2014 .. and it’s almost February 2016! So, here we are .. with a brand new theme, design and update!

New and Improved items for 2016

Focus towards online Shopping

This site has always had a “store” component, either directly within this site or a link to our sister site Petcare Shop @ HART Market. But – I decided to finally utilize a new premium theme that supports Woocommerce (wordpress owned plugin) for e-commerce sites. Also, there is closely approaching almost 7,000 posts in this blog since we began in May 2005, and the sight has been draining CPU resources even listing the archives and all of the posts we have had over the years.

Good news … SEARCH fields in the top bar and sidebar and footer should find everything you may ever want to search for in this site.

I have renamed this site

Sitename: PetLvr Shop
Tagline: Where Pet Lovers Hang Out and Shop
NEW LOGO: (none – just using text now)

Here are our previous sitenames and taglines

Circa 2011

Sitename: PetLvr Community Blog and Forum
Tagline: Where Pet Lovers Hang Out

Circa 2009

Sitename: PetLvr Blog For Pet Lovers
Tagine: Pet Rescue, Health & Training Tips, and More!

Circa 2005

Sitename: – [The Blog] Tagline: A Website For All Earthlings, Who Love Animals

I just wanted to say thanks to all long-term “PetLvr”s out there who has stuck with me over the years, and I appreciate all of you!!

Take care
HART (aka PetLvr admin)

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