PetLvr Reviews: Wysong Dream Treats

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Dream Treats
Dream Treats

Wysong’s Dream Treats are grain-free and are not heat-processed, making them an ideal snack for my raw-fed dog. Dream Treats also contain enough added nutrients to occasionally serve as a meal replacement. Available in chicken, beef, or pheasant, the disc-shaped treats were instant favorites for both my dog, Gus, and his friend, Steiner.

So what’s the catch? They’re expensive. The beef flavored Dream Treats, Gus’s favorite formula, retail online for $9.39 for a 125 gram package. One treat crumbled into small bits is enough for a short training session, but at that price, these will have to remain special occasion treats for my crew.

If you have a raw fed dog or are avoiding grains, Dream Treats are nutritionally ideal as a treat or occasional meal replacement. The probiotics and phytonutrients added to the formula complement grain-free diets perfectly. However, if you’re not already feeding a species-appropriate diet to your dog(s), just adding a product like Dream Treats won’t significantly improve their health or cure the problems caused by grain-heavy diets.

If you’re still feeding a basic nutrition kibble full of ingredients like corn gluten, save the money on the fancy treats and switch to a better brand of food or a raw diet. Treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s diet, even when the treats provide excellent nutrition. You can add all the treats and supplements you like to an inadequate diet without seeing results. Only when your dog’s needs are met by his basic diet will treats and supplements really make a difference.

However, if you can afford both to provide a super-premium kibble or a raw diet and to get the best treats on the market, Wysong Dream Treats are an excellent choice. You can order here, or check local natural pet supply stores. You’re not likely to find Wysong products in chain stores, but some locally owned specialty shops may carry Dream Treats. Wysong also makes a full line of dog and cat foods and supplements, and founder Dr. Wyson has written two books on pet nutrition (they’re on the list for future reviews– stay tuned).

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Have you used Dream Treats? What did you think? Leave a comment.
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