PetLvr Forum – Just got Better! ( we Hope )

This is further to my August 2006 post .. – Forum – Maintenance

I have now deleted all those Banned Spammer Users.

Also – today, I was back in the forum and I noticed about 250 spam messages .. can you say *UGH!* ? Well, I’ve deleted it and did some research and FINALLY figured out a way to fight these spam bots and spam humans from spamming the PetLvr Community Forums.

* You must now be a registered user to comment in the Forumno Guest Posting.
* All new registrations must have a valid email to activate their registration – no Fake Emails

Now, I hope this cuts down the spam postings to like .. well, it would be nice to see NO SPAM .. BECAUSE …. I HATE SPAM! I know you do too.

Hopefully .. the FORUM will be a nice place to visit once again, so please check it out once in a while and register.


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