Pet Zoom Pet Park Indoor Potty Trainer Commercial – As Seen on TV Chat Video

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

PetZoomPetPark – Prevent pet accidents in your home with the new Pet Zoom Pet Park! The Pet Park Indoor Trainer is a grass like dog pad that rinses in seconds and is reusable. The Pet Park is ideal for special need dogs, potty training and more, helping your dog do its business while you are away. Don’t feel guilty coming home late- with Pet Park your dog can go indoors. To order the Pet Park, visit For more great as seen on TV products, visit or follow us on Twitter

What do you think?

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19 Responses

  1. Noiderna
    | Reply

    What if it has to take a dump

  2. Trdpshr
    | Reply

    Man this is the dumbest thing ever lol. The commercial is like a blooper you’d find on YouTube

  3. cbeezy86
    | Reply

    so where does the piss go from the bottom of the thing?

  4. Joshuaguss
    | Reply

    hmm 1:03 I wonder what he said to his dog for doing that.

  5. Hightower852
    | Reply

    How do u clean it?? lol

  6. starmushrooms
    | Reply

    Could my Saint Bernard use this fine contraption to take a massive dump on?

  7. starmushrooms
    | Reply

    @Joshuaguss He probably shouted a round of expletives at him

  8. aregin152
    | Reply

    what happes if they need to make a Shit???

  9. PottyParkResellers
    | Reply

    I challenge you to compare this product with ours if you are pet owner. See my channel!

  10. miesrah12
    | Reply

    then your screwed a s all hellz

  11. epichesca
    | Reply

    this is only for fat people who are too lazy to take their dog out…. 😮

  12. dykeman1997
    | Reply

    so no ones gonna make any jokes about the way he put so much emphasis on the word bone?

  13. MaddelynKayKay
    | Reply

    doesn’t the announcer sort of sound like the afv guy?

  14. MaddelynKayKay
    | Reply

    doesn’t the announcer sound like the America’s funniest home video host?

  15. iamlost2
    | Reply

    @aregin152 Well, it’s not any different than scooping it up from the outdoors, as it will sit on top. A pooper scooper, or plain ol’ baggie, or grocery bag would work, just as you would/should use when the dog poops outdoors on other peoples lawns.

  16. iamlost2
    | Reply

    @Hightower852 It can be hose off, after dumping/pouring the urine into a bucket you can flush it down the toilet. Then you can clean the tray with warm soapy water, rinse, and wipe it with a cloth before putting the mat back on. I think, hope. I thinking of getting one to put on the patio/balcony for winter/bad weather days.

  17. gsxgoespsssht
    | Reply

    @epichesca – Or people that work full time and go to school full time who can’t take the puppy out every few hours. Something to help train the dog is nice.

  18. xPancakeHead
    | Reply

    my friend who had this product told me about how she cleaned the poop. She just cleaned it everyday so easily! She got a plastic bag to pick up the poop and then pour water on the spot where the nasty poop has been(Like the left overs) and wipe it with paper towels and water it one more time to make sure its more clean.

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