Pet Travel and Summer Threats To Our Pets

There are two things our pet dogs Maxxie and Sophie love to do with us .. (okay, maybe there are a few more things than this list :D)

(1) car rides
(2) go to the cottage!

It’s nice driving in the car, because we have air conditioning, although if the car slows down to about 70km their instinct kicks in and they want to stick their head out of the window to cool off. They practically know the route to our cottage at Victoria Beach, Manitoba (On Lake Winnipeg) and know that they will be able to run, play, go on lots of walks and bike rides, and swimming!

Maxxie sure loves to cool off in the water. Sophie is a little dog, and doesn’t like the water too much because when it’s windy, the waves splashes over her little head! But, we put her in anyway .. to cool her off and to let her swim a bit! Sometimes there’s a beach, sometimes (like the picture below) the water rises overnight up to the rocks.

* This post is dedicated to having a safe and fun summer with your pets! Enjoy the summer! picks the top pet friendly hotels in their summer travel series. This includes vacation ideas for pet lovers, tips on how to fly the friendly skies with your pet, reviews of the best cars to buy or rent if you want to road trip with your pet, and a look at the latest must-have pet travel products.

In addition,’s contributing veterinarian Dr. Lauren Brickman offers some good travel tips and medical advice on how to protect your pet during your summer vacation, whether going across the country or just relaxing in your backyard.

Here are a few videos that I found interesting! Give a looksie.

Pet Friendly Hotels –

How To Prevent Summer Threats To Our Pets –

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