Pet Training Partners Can Confuse Your Pet

By Derek Wood

You went out and purchased a dog, got them home and after a few months you realized it is time to start training your pet. Training has even progressed to a good degree, and everything is going smoothly and then without warning your pet seems to stop obeying your commands. What could have possibly gone wrong? Well, you could have made a common mistake that many families do, training your pet with only one person in mind.

Training your pet also requires a few steps for training your family. You see, when you pick your set of commands, how is the rest of the family supposed to know what those commands are unless you let them know. The simply command “sit” for you is pretty straight forward. But what happens if your wife is using the command “sit down”, or your son is using “Fido please sit down”.

The situation that arises is that your pet can become confused due to the ever changing command structure being used. When a dog becomes confused as to what words mean what, or which action he must perform, then you pet will lose confidence in his ability to follow your commands. The ability to understand or relate your words and his actions is what makes training even possible.

Pets simply do not understand our languages. They must learn that when we say “sit” that it is associated with the action of sitting. They learn this through the continued use of instructions and the process we use to train them. However, when more then one person commands the dog at the same time, or when people use variations of those commands, the dog can easily become bewildered.

Pet training is about consistency and repetition. The more consistent you and those around you are with your commands the less likely your pet will be puzzled when someone gives them a command. This will also cause less stress for you and your pets because they will listen to your commands more readily

You must do your best to make the training of your pet as easy and stress free for your pet as it can be. Keep commands short and simple, make sure the entire family knows which commands to use, and let them know why they need to use specific words. This consistency will greatly improve your pet’s manners and make for a more trouble free training session.

Derek Wood breeds and trains large breed dogs through the use of healthy and humane techniques. He is a life-long pet advocate and animal friend.

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