Pet society,happiness and cleaness(Just for fun)

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

U need cheat engine 5.5. First-go to pet society,open ur cheat engine. -click the button that is shining,scrool down and look for firefox or ie explorer. -check ur health% than type in % in the box given in cheat engine 5.(u dun need to put the % sign when u type in the box) than change the 4 bty to double. -press first scan,than go back to pet society and give ur pet a apple. -when it finish eating check the new health%. -type in the % in the box given in cheat engine. -press next scan and a address will appear double click it -tick the box and the game wil be frozen. -double click the right hand numbers and type in the %of health u wan.(any number can be use) And u are done with the hacking. The rest is the sme but the material use is not same so just sit back and relax.^^ Ohh… i almost forgot the last thing…Thanks for watching ^^

What do you think?

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23 Responses

  1. Rossotinga
    | Reply

    money hack pls

  2. xXpezcoolXx
    | Reply

    WOW! awesome…why didn’t i tried that before?
    Now I can have money faster ^_^

  3. xXpezcoolXx
    | Reply

    it is somehow a money hack…

  4. sherry9flubber
    | Reply

    Yes it IS a money hack,since there is no other possible money hack now.

  5. guidabur
    | Reply

    Si funciona

  6. sEbM07
    | Reply

    :s i want money hack…………………

  7. sabriel1810
    | Reply

    after i do 2nd scan i cant get no address up…wot am i doing wrong..havent done this b4 🙂

  8. federicoo12
    | Reply

    eso no es un hack XD

  9. toodooxamoor
    | Reply

    te hago una pregunta como hiciste para juntar tanta plata??? hay algun truco para eso??

  10. viax3
    | Reply

    sorry english please

  11. Enanin7
    | Reply

    i want to agree you to facebook, and then if you dont have problem, you can present to me some things ;)…message private me to talk about this

    Sorry for my english

  12. marisabelsots
    | Reply

    can i have more money like u?

  13. lululili98
    | Reply

    jajajaj I love this video coooooollllll man 5 starts for you.

  14. tanganila
    | Reply

    Yes it is work 4 me!!!!thank u very very much viax3!!!!!!!!!

  15. micaeeliitaaa
    | Reply

    can you help me to do itt???

  16. viax3
    | Reply

    Sorry guys but i dun help people to hack sorry….

  17. birgmaiersub
    | Reply

    i have the same problem, after next scan i have no address…what am i doing wrong?

  18. rusvin1911
    | Reply

    After i click next scan theres no address coming out.Please help me

  19. EliminatorJu
    | Reply

    why would you wanna hack it its fun to scrub and feed and u dun even die

  20. vegafanstar
    | Reply

    no anda

  21. jtlol619
    | Reply

    same as rusvin1911 pls help

  22. pebbletan
    | Reply

    lol love story

  23. nerve172
    | Reply

    YES the trick is to go to to find this mp3.

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