Pet Shop Boys – Your Funny Uncle/Cast [Live – Performance]

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Pet Shop Boys – Performance The Classic 1991 Live Show Enhanced Live In Concert Music: Your Funny Uncle Composers: Chris Lowe; Neil Tennant Lyric: And, at the end, your funny uncle staring at all your friends with military bearing And stopped to stand to smile and speak of you directly ‘Good-bye’, shake hands like you did everything correctly to wipe away the tears No more pain, no fear No sorrow or dying No waiting or crying These former things have passed away Another life begins today ©2004 Pet Shop Boys Partnership Limited ©2004 EMI Records LTD. — Buy It:

What do you think?

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16 Responses

  1. talkedtoaflower
    | Reply

    I love this end part of the Performance show, it’s so moving

  2. carreybaby87
    | Reply

    Lol I wonder if Chris actually managed to get some sleep there…. I wouldn’t lol….

  3. kickassfan
    | Reply


  4. kingofkeyboards
    | Reply

    lol, it was awesome

  5. kickassfan
    | Reply

    kingofkeaboards did u went to any concert?,cos if so u are really lucky.

  6. kingofkeyboards
    | Reply

    indeed i did, i feel lucky to have had the chance to go.

  7. PSB81Fan
    | Reply

    @carreybaby87 Yeah I think he thought to take a break and sleep a bit, he’s so crazy!

  8. stipyna
    | Reply

    I cry every time I hear this song…I love you PSB!

  9. rayverma
    | Reply

    Tearjerker – beautiful!

  10. iraelprimo
    | Reply

    @stipyna me too

  11. henrycaville
    | Reply


  12. Val0371
    | Reply

    Very good but…I prefer….Tom Chaplin’s version!!! Sorry….xxxx

  13. retrotees
    | Reply

    First psb i went to this was, i was 15 in 1991 and it changed my life forever

  14. Paninaro88
    | Reply

    was the first concert of my life and the best;)

  15. uytiify
    | Reply

    Try Naughty women and success your life

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