I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Note: information from YouTube
======================== email video by http Are you a Top Dog? Judys Top Dogs are companies and individuals who love pets as much as we do and support our private, nonbreed specific rescue and adoption efforts through their generous donation of 00 or more. They know about the thousands of animals in our local community that desperately need humans to help them find happy, healthy and loving homes. Top Dog Sponsors also know its good for business. Many pet lovers seek out the services of companies who respond to the needs of homeless animals to do business with. With exposure on our website (25000) plus hits per month, prominent display of Top Dog status in our new adoption center and the ability to put your information in the hands of every family that adopts from us (in excess of 1500 per year), sponsors are insured their contribution will pay off in more than just goodwill. And we think goodwill is great too. Sponsor a Kennel . . . Help us Save Lives Pet Rescue By Judy has found a permanent home but we dont have enough money for all the kennels we need. Lets help each other. With your 00 sponsorship we will place a plaque with the name of your choice on a kennel in our new 4000 square foot adoption center in Sanford. You pick the name! It can be company, a child, family name, individual or pet name. PLUS we will provide you, your company or your designee, exposure on our website which gets over 25000 hits per month! Everybody wins

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25 Responses

  1. GiseleVeilleux


  2. GiseleVeilleux

    Can anyone count the number of times that little black puppy wags his tail? I’ve tried, but he’s just too darn fast!

  3. prbj

    That little puppy is named So Big. You know, “How big’s the puppy? Soooooo big!”

  4. gabrielle824


  5. prbj

    Wow! Look at this:
    Honors for this video (9)
    #34 – Most Discussed (Today) – Pets & Animals
    #57 – Most Responded (Today) – Pets & Animals
    #77 – Most Viewed (Today) – Pets & Animals – Canada
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    #79 – Top Rated (This Week) – Pets & Animals

  6. GiseleVeilleux

    Good morning! And thanks Everyone!
    #25 – Most Discussed (Today)
    #14 – Most Responded (Today)
    #85 – Most Viewed (Today) Australia
    #39 – Most Viewed (Today) Canada
    #67 – Most Viewed (Today) United Kingdom
    #61 – Most Viewed (Today) Ireland
    #64 – Most Viewed (Today) Israel
    #16 – Most Viewed (Today)
    #77 – Most Viewed (Today) Mexico
    #14 – Top Favorited (Today)
    #17 – Top Rated (Today)

  7. HollyRye

    I love this video. It is not only just entertaining, but it is part of a larger mission ~ to establish the only no-kill shelter in Central Florida. In these changing economic times, the need is greater than ever, for both a shelter and supporters. Even those of us who can’t be a Top Dog can help, either by volunteering time, talents, items or money. I hope everyone will join this worthwhile cause!

  8. HollyRye

    Oh my word! I just clicked on Statistics and Data and saw that this video has 13 Honors!!! 1,150 views in 24 hours. Surely some of these views will follow through with donations. I love rescued pets!!!

  9. GiseleVeilleux

    The response from this video alone, should prove to others how dedicated Pet Rescue by Judy supporters really are. I urge those who have not participated in helping Judy create her new no-kill Adoption Center, to get involved. Judy is the real deal! The rewards are endless.

  10. HollyRye

    When you watch this video, remember that all these pets were at some point abandoned, facing euthanasia. Border Collies and Labs are frequently abandoned because of their energy. Bulldogs and Hounds fill kill shelters. Even the litter of Shih Tzu/Poodles, designer breeds for which pet stores charge $1,200 or more, were pulled from a kill shelter last November. Help save lives. Whether you are a Top Dog at $5,000 or a $5 supporter, together we can make a difference in our community!!!

  11. susanberrydesign

    Love It!

  12. TributesByGisele

    Too Funny!!!!!

  13. edwardtrip

    Cool dogs dogbreedbankchecks . com

  14. Chiriohs

    *chuckles at the crazy border collies…gotta lovem*

  15. prbj

    You know, they’re probably still running in a circle…..

  16. DavidRayDog

    Bravo ya’ll! Excellent video!!
    Good luck again your mission.

  17. HollyRye

    I’m the proud owner of two of these dogs. Gus, the white Bassett/Bulldog at minute 1:03 and Ralph, the black Bassett/Lab at 1:30. Originally I fostered them for Pet Rescue By Judy but ended up keeping them. They love every time we bring another foster dog into the home. Please, get involved in the rescue of pets, and if you can help support Pet Rescue By Judy, the pets of Central Florida will be forever grateful!

  18. konaschips

    If you love dogs search “KONAS CHIPS”

  19. prbj

    Many people have asked me who created this video. It was the wonderful Gisele Veilleux, a talented woman who helps businesses and organizations raise their Google rank, but donates her efforts to Pet Rescue By Judy. You can learn more about her at GiseleVeilleux. com . If you need help improving your website or online advertising, I strongly recommend you contact her!

  20. luluandlolly

    ROCK ON you guys! Awesome.

  21. reckless1962

    It’s been two weeks, and yes, they are still running around the garden! They keep me thin.

  22. lissame73

    great video

  23. reckless1962

    I did this video so many months ago, yet the fire still burns… to rescue. Thanks to all who have watched and rated!

  24. KevinFL

    We have been getting our pets from Judy for almost 15 yrs now. She’s a very special lady. I wouldn’t get a pet from anyone but Judy’s rescue. We have 2 cats & a dog from Judy at our home now.

  25. MarthaA562

    We are interested in adopting a small dog like a shih tzu or lhasa apso . Are you loolking for good homes for adoption? Please email Thanks