Pet Rehabilitation

getting a massageDoes your pet suffer from arthritis? Or has your pet received surgery for its back problems? As pets age, they can suffer from some of the similar ailments that affect humans. Pet rehabilitation is paving the way to help pets have a full recovery after surgery or be able to return to their previous state of activity before an injury or arthritis. You might even have animal physical therapy available in your area.

The California Animal Rehabilitation provides different types of therapy for animals who need it. Some of their patients work out on treadmills, while others receive acupuncture or joint manipulation. The clinic opened a year and a half a go in Santa Monica, California. Veterinarian Jessica Waldman and physical therapist Amy Kramer created this rehabilitation clinic so that physical therapy could be given to animals too.

The physical therapy gives pets back their lives and helps them manage their pain and improve their mobility. However, the services are not cheap. If pet owners would like a consultation as well as a home exercise and nutrition plan, it costs $275. For an eight-week, twice-a-week treatment program at the clinic, it costs about $2,000. Although the clinic tries to work with pet insurance companies, the pet owner can still be left with substantial costs.

It’s a misconception to think that physical therapy is all exercise, because the treatments are different and are tailored to the pet. For example, some pets may need massage, water therapy, wound care, splinting/bracing, supportive devices (i.e., carts and slings), heat and cold therapy, balance training, electrical stimulation, etc. The potential outcomes of physical therapy can be astounding. Pets can experience an improvement in strength and muscle mass, weight loss, reduced recovery time after surgery, decreased swelling and inflammation, mobility in previously paralyzed muscles, increased flexibility, etc. Overall, pet rehabilitation can provide an improved quality of life and an enhanced owner-pet bond.

When looking for a local physical therapist for your pet, seek a veterinarian’s advice. Even though you might not have a clinic dedicated to pets near you, there might be a physical therapist who takes animal patients from time to time. Also consider in-home rehabilitative care for pets who don’t enjoy traveling or experience severe stress while traveling. This might be more convenient for your schedule, and it might eliminate further injury and illness for your pet. Regardless of the age of your pet, you can find the right rehabilitation treatments and care for your pet.

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