Pet Rabbit Care : Why You Shouldn’t Give Pet Rabbits as Easter Presents

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains why you shouldn’t give pet rabbits as Easter presents in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. VeritableVex
    | Reply

    retarded women give RABID advice.

  2. SmallPetExpert
    | Reply

    These people are NOT experts!If you want good advice watch my videos,or someone else’s!

  3. cowgirlgina
    | Reply

    My daughter got a bunny for Easter when she was two. Now she is five and guess what, we still have the bunny and she is very much loved!! Bunnies make great Easter presents for RESPONSIBLE people 🙂

  4. JksLolLmfao
    | Reply

    @BTZlikesyourmum HA HA HA! ONG THAT’S SO TRUE!!
    Lol, she gives this whole lecture on why rabbits are uncomfortable being held and picked up and stuff, *switches to next clip* Girl holds rabbit. LMFAO!

  5. whitewolf037
    | Reply

    i got my rabbit as a easter present and he is verry verry healthy
    and i love him sooooo much

  6. Lilliz91
    | Reply

    @WakaoujiSensei It’s probably a rescued one.

  7. Lilliz91
    | Reply

    @BTZlikesyourmum She probably means the wrong way, because kids like my brother can be really brutal with animals, kick them when he gets frustrated and handle too rough.

  8. Lilliz91
    | Reply

    @JksLolLmfao She talkes mostly about kids you know….

  9. Lilliz91
    | Reply

    Seriously people just think about the context, she mostly said about kids picking up rabbits, because they tend to hold them wrong and most of the people would.And yes, not everybody is like that, but still most of them are.Just because your daughter or friend takes good care of it doesn’t errase the fact that most of the people just abandom them an that’s what she’s trying to explain. Obviously rabbit would be okay with handling, if it’s handled right and trusts you.

  10. coolkidcash15
    | Reply

    my rabbit hates me because i pick him up all the time. he runs away every time i come by.

  11. TommyQ72
    | Reply

    Ya hes legs probs like that cus of the way she man handles it

  12. iHEARTMusic095
    | Reply

    It doesn’t matter what time of the year a bunny is purchased, but what hands it goes to; what person . Rabbits can be abandoned any time of the year because of irresponsible people. It’s not JUST Easter. I got my bunny before xmas, because I was planning it long ago. I still have her now, she’s healthy and active, and I would never, ever think about leaving her or giving to someone else.

  13. ryuBones
    | Reply

    I had a rabbit when I was a kid. Used to cart it around in a play baby buggy, and it loved it. Then it had babies, went mad, and got eaten by my dog (we kept it in the closet in my room and somehow she got in there and did what animals do).
    Luckily, I was with my dad when that happened. XD

  14. JulianaRMlover
    | Reply

    @Lilliz91 God damnit that’s exactly right!

  15. TheZombieMinion
    | Reply

    My rabbit used to not mind being held but you just have to hold them often enough to where they get used to it. My bunny Tiger would rush up to the cage door and onto my lap when I visited him. Though he stays in his cage more since he started niping at my dad T_T Boys just don’t know how to get along.

  16. karahiscrazy94
    | Reply

    My two males are so sweet!

  17. victorias9459
    | Reply

    What’s up with the rabbits leg?

  18. shai123ish
    | Reply

    first take care of your rabbit then tel us what NOT to do

  19. 1245678987
    | Reply

    @WakaoujiSensei god damn it you guys..
    i watched for its leg
    and burst out laughing for no reason at all
    i was like “learn to take care of your god damned rabbits” (think that was in the comments)
    i think i laughed because i was like how the ___ does not paying attention to a rabbit cause a rabbits leg to be broken?

  20. talacool2
    | Reply

    who does that thats hella mean. im getting a bunny bc they need a family that takes good care of them 🙂

  21. AvianFoster
    | Reply

    What the hell, i got my bunnies for easter, are you saying my mum is stupid? How dare you, rabbits are the best easter presents in the world and i got my two bunnies for easter and heck i love them, and will do forever! Rabbits can be easter presents for older kids who want them for companionship and if they do there reserch which i did. So don’t go judging everyone with an easter rabbit on one story!

  22. KrisKrossx3
    | Reply

    this is kinda a dumb video, saying NEVER EVER BUY BUNNIES FOR EASTER. well, i got my two bunnies around easter last year. and i still have them. i could see if some stupid person bought them for a very young child, but then again, a very young child shouldnt get any pet that the parents aren’t gonna want to take care of themselves. -_-

  23. Harperlove4brooklyn
    | Reply

    What if someone legit wanted a rabbit? Wtf. The date should have nothing to do with if you are going to take care of it or not. It is just a date..Not a sign of how well the person will take care of it

  24. SpasticEliteStudios
    | Reply

    @KrisKrossx3 It sounds dumb because you are a responsible rabbit owner. But for every one story like yours, there are ten bunnies who either get turned loose in the wild or dropped off at a rescue because the child they bought it for got tired of it.

  25. 7cleverbuttons
    | Reply

    You would be shocked by the amount of rabbits bred because of the spike in people looking for them around Easter, and even MORE shocked at how many people just let them loose. It’s really sad and an awful thing to teach a child. A pet should be part of the family, not an accessory for a holiday… :c

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