Pet Rabbit Care : Where to Keep Your Pet Rabbit

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains where to keep your pet rabbit in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. FL1RTZMUCH069
    | Reply

    1:47 i willz kill u LOL <3

  2. FL1RTZMUCH069
    | Reply

    @FL1RTZMUCH069 i mean 1:45 i willz kill u

  3. Happy0Bunny0Rox
    | Reply

    My old bunny used to chew up my baby dolls and the remotes. So yeah, watch what they have access to. 😛

  4. AmbitiousGoddess
    | Reply

    I have that same Exact cage and colour of cage !! xD

  5. zirak7860
    | Reply

    can u keep it in the basement

  6. iamawsome1234554321
    | Reply

    all you have to do is move the damn fridge

  7. polarbearsrGR8
    | Reply

    is it ok if you have a big cage outside

  8. wolfgirl831
    | Reply

    @Ifzaal7 im getting a rabbit this weekend on sat.!!! 😀

  9. MsKaylaSweet9
    | Reply

    You guys! People who say that your shouldn’t buy rabbits from the Pet Store and get them at the shelter because the ones at the shelter needs to be rescued, the ones at the pet shop needs to be saved too! So plz be nice to all rabbits and not just the ones in a certain place. D:

  10. 2397liban
    | Reply

    im getting a rab for birthweek

  11. shahd015
    | Reply

    whats wrong with his leg

  12. AlextheGreat011
    | Reply

    Thx 4 the help. I have pet bunny and that really helped me out. Takeing care of 2 bunnys is hard!!!

  13. RosesofWillows
    | Reply

    My brother built an outdoor enclosure for our rabbit. He took our cage wire cage and took off one of the end walls. He then attached it to a hole in his homemade wood encloseure, makeing the cage an outdoor feeding area. The wood part had a latched flap in the back so we could take her out from there. Also there was loft and ramp for her to have a second floor. Her bedding was a soft straw that she LOVED!!

  14. booluvscharlie
    | Reply

    i keep my rabbit outside O.O but he iz vaccinated all the time from diseases, and we keep him in the garage at winter O.o

  15. rabbitloveralways
    | Reply

    @MsKaylaSweet9 a week before my 15th birthday i got my rabbit from a rescue. but technichnicly she was owned by pets mart. so we went to the rabbit resedue just me and my big sis. and i called my mom and ask her if i could get a rabbit at first she said no then i seid please i promiss to take full rasponsabillity for it. and she said okay. and thats how i got my rabbit. oh yes the said thing was that she was abused the sunday before easter. but i rescued her happyly ever after in a safe home.

  16. rabbitloveralways
    | Reply

    @zirak7860 yes you can as along as its inside.

  17. bieberlicious135
    | Reply

    im getting a rabbit for my 12th birthday =]

  18. lilmoonprincess125
    | Reply

    I can’t get a bunny :(. I had one, but then my stupid cats kept trying to attack her. We went out to eat came back to see the bunny cage was tipped over and on the floor ( its on my dresser ) Luckily she was still alive and is in my cousins care. Ill never forgive my cat for doing that.. now i can never have a bunny 🙁

  19. sarahlbeal
    | Reply

    i would love to keep my rabbit indoors, unfortunately, my parents dont agree and so i have to keep her in a run/hutch outside :L

  20. JulianaRMlover
    | Reply

    @lilmoonprincess125 Animals are irrational, it didn’t do it because it wanted to be mean, it didn’t because to him that’s just how it goes, it can’t possibly imagine that it’ll make you mad or hurt an animal on purpose. The good thing is that your bunny is okay, don’t resent your cat for what it did 🙂

  21. jennasaurr11
    | Reply

    I absolutely adore bunnies 🙂 They are soooo cute! :3 I have two of them. I wuv you Anica and Cottontail 😛

  22. Sophaaangel123
    | Reply

    But if you think about it crazy woman, Rabbits live naturally outdoors.

  23. kungfumaster300
    | Reply

    Blue Dutch Rabbits are awesome~!!~!!~!!~

  24. talacool2
    | Reply

    @Ifzaal7 OMG same thing with me! getting one this week its gonna be white xD

  25. talacool2
    | Reply

    i had a bunny… it was outside in a cage and it opened it somehow and dug a hole and left :'(

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