Pet Rabbit Care : Trimming Your Pet Rabbit’s Nails

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains how to trim your pet rabbit’s nails in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. dadandevasing
    | Reply

    TIP: If your rabbit has dark nails do it it a bright area and stay away from the darker area of the nails.

  2. beautifulthumbellena
    | Reply

    i fear of hurting my bunny.

  3. Josewazheretoday
    | Reply

    can you paint your rabbits nails?

  4. 0Swantonjack0
    | Reply

    @Josewazheretoday Wtf no, Why would you even want to do that, idiot

  5. MsVenus101
    | Reply

    when i do my rabbits nails she runs and hides under the covers i think thats kinda cute

  6. Josewazheretoday
    | Reply

    @0Swantonjack0 OK thank you! smart ass troll JK

  7. iwillneverhaveaname
    | Reply

    does anyone know how often you have to trim?

  8. 1XxpwincessxX1
    | Reply


  9. heartmycrackberry
    | Reply

    I know this looks scary to do, but I have a bunny and it really isn’t! My bunny actually yawns when I do it lol. One thing though is that I definitely wouldn’t try to cut off that much at once (meaning that she cuts largs bits of white off of each nail all at one time). I find that my rabbit reacts better when I trim each nail a little at a time, but that could just be her preferance?

  10. RabbitChannelxx
    | Reply

    Thank You! Helped me a lot.

  11. SuperDevilsdelight
    | Reply

    My rabbit bolt was in our house fire and he got seriously sick from all the smoke poor baby and last night i got him put to sleep. He died of leukemia from the smoke R.I.P Bolt!

  12. JadoreDesire23
    | Reply

    @iwillneverhaveaname i read every 3-6 weeks. im not really sure if its accurate though.

  13. Pennyiscute1984
    | Reply

    OMG i cut my bunny’s nails and i ended up looking like i went through a shredder afterwards! He HATES it

  14. Belldandy205
    | Reply

    i never cut my bunnies’ nails and even if i had a nail clipper, i wouldn’t even come near them……it’s just like what meatisdeliciouse said

  15. xgdbeezy
    | Reply

    What if my bunny has dark/black colored nails? How do I know how far to cut?

  16. Jimjammajay
    | Reply

    thanks for posting this!

  17. skatekoh
    | Reply

    that bunny doesnt give a FUCK!

  18. marista31
    | Reply

    @xgdbeezy I watched one video about caring for rabbits, when your rabbit have a dark nail,, use flash light and aim it to the nails, so that you can see the part that you should cut!! Hope I helped!!

  19. xgdbeezy
    | Reply

    @marista31 thank you 😀

  20. love4musicable
    | Reply

    too short

  21. love4musicable
    | Reply

    wow rabbit nails are a lot longer than guine apig nails!

  22. dreamcaughter14
    | Reply

    Hi!Can i ask something?I got a bunnie and i want to cut his nails but they are very strong and i can’t cut them with that!can you please tell me what to do?I know a way to do that but i am not sure and i don’t wanna hurt my little love! =3

  23. sarahlbeal
    | Reply

    @marista31 yes, thank you. I have a black rabbit and it is very difficult

  24. sarahlbeal
    | Reply

    Im scared of going to the vets incase ive done something wrong with my rabbit! :'(

  25. chriscater
    | Reply

    my rabbit bites his own nails and trim them when they get too long
    is it going to cause some sort of problem?

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