Pet Rabbit Care : Taking Your Pet Rabbit to the Vet

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains how to take your pet rabbit to the vet in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. easyvintage
    | Reply

    I know! my rabbit is a spaz, like she’ll just sit there, then she like run around and do a flip

  2. SuperDevilsdelight
    | Reply

    @easyvintage lol same here

  3. pixshowman
    | Reply

    its so cute

  4. Heather26138
    | Reply

    Omg I don’t take my bunny to the vet every year oh yeah and three days ago my bunny died cause he was seven years old and he could not process food anymore I did bring him to the hospital and he did not make it so he died in good hands. But then I go a brand new fuzzy bunny that is six weeks old

  5. HadowEV
    | Reply

    @zirak7860 I dont think so :/

  6. AmberMacnair
    | Reply

    5 human years…as in 5 weeks or the amount of time youve had him?

  7. kyledominiquenavarro
    | Reply

    I am watching this becouse my pet is sick 🙁

  8. love4musicable
    | Reply

    Poor Halibut. WHat happened to its leg? 🙁

  9. Edge0fPain
    | Reply


  10. Serenityblu23
    | Reply

    @Heather26138 , how’s your bunnny?

  11. Heather26138
    | Reply

    He is good

  12. jujufrawg168
    | Reply

    -mentally correcting the stupid people and their rabbits…and Heather26138-

  13. sessyfan101111
    | Reply

    nope dont take ur rabbit to the vet wow i feel sorry for the people who fallow ur tip im nt saying their bad but some of the are not the right thing to say.

  14. mermaidamp
    | Reply

    @kyledominiquenavarro I’m sorry to hear that. Is it a boy or a girl?

  15. mermaidamp
    | Reply

    Really? Does toothpaste work for bunnies?

  16. TheInvaderRex
    | Reply

    my rabbit ate chocolate and i quickly fed it a carrot and it wasnt sick or stuff and its been a month since my rabbit is fine

  17. jerilyng
    | Reply

    My rabbit has never been to the vet, he’s fine

  18. superanimallover11
    | Reply

    @jerilyng yah i donot take mine to the vet eather

  19. bijonlover98
    | Reply

    What happened to Halabit’s leg?

  20. Blockization
    | Reply

    When his teeth are being exposed he looks like a Shambler from Quake.

  21. JksLolLmfao
    | Reply

    “As far as bathing goes-” *VIDEO ENDS*

  22. missilverfox
    | Reply

    i miss may bunney. i had him for 17 years. he was a little hoto. I pretey well grueup with him. may vet was always astonished about how long he lived it erned him the nick name of the enigiser bunney and the inmoetaill bunney. i had to have him pout down a little over a year agow.
    RIP Bizzey Bunney Fufu. yes i no weared name but i was quite little when i named him.
    sorey for the bad speling i ame sevear deslaxick.

  23. dsplayer4444
    | Reply

    Thats a cute rabbit

  24. theprankst3rz
    | Reply

    rabbits do need vacs

  25. MrsJ2nku
    | Reply

    what is wrong with bunny’s leg ??? ://

  26. Clarie
    | Reply

    This video pinpoints perfectly why everyone should have pet insurance for the fuzzy loved one.
    Such a simple investment in well-being… well worth it.

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