Pet Rabbit Care : How Train Your Rabbit to Use a Litter Box

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains how to train a pet rabbit to use a litter box in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. 64Onion
    | Reply


  2. Underb00t
    | Reply

    When my rabbit feels like going. I say “toilet” and he runs to the potty cage and takes his business. I feel happy he does that.

  3. markwahlbergsgirl
    | Reply

    look how big the rabbits EYES AREE!

  4. aviswifey1808
    | Reply

    help? my bunny uses the litter box, but she poops everywhere else as well. i put her food next to the litter box, and she sits in it ALL THE TIME and just eats and does he business as well as sleeps. what do i do to make her poop ONLY in the litter box, but spend time outside of it as well and know to go in there to do its business???

  5. khunopie
    | Reply

    does deficate mean take a shit?

  6. cc91801
    | Reply

    @khunopie yes

  7. rabidchicken030
    | Reply

    @khunopie Yes.

  8. laxgecko
    | Reply

    dont crap were you eat obvously that saying didnt come from rabbits

  9. MrDinosourRAWR
    | Reply

    Holy crap, its eyes are huge !!

  10. lemoneeshortcake
    | Reply

    @aviswifey1808 keep trying. I’m in the same boat. I love my bunny so much, but she has been very stubborn about this potty training buisness.

  11. KeenaHyena
    | Reply

    @aviswifey1808 Sometimes rabbits will do this as a form of marking their territory. Do you have other animals in the house? My first rabbit was completely potty trained until we got a second one; then she started pooping everywhere else.

  12. GothicLilith
    | Reply

    @KeenaHyena mine too!

  13. Myhopeisinhim
    | Reply

    I’m trying to litter train my rabbits, and i’m putting down newspaper. My only concern is whether or not they are using soy based ink or not? One seems to think they may be using a vegetable based ink, but I’m worried that the newspaper may bother them.

  14. charlotti101
    | Reply

    my rabbbit uses a litter tray, i use saw dust and hay i have never used litter pellets . i think some rabbis just do it any way i put a rabbit litter tray in her courner where she usuallly does hher bussinness and she just automatically used it , she uses a cat letter tray now because she is too big for a rabbit litter tray now !!!! xxx

  15. LisaLeftEyeFan
    | Reply

    u can use wood shaving

  16. YugiohGeek123
    | Reply

    @LisaLeftEyeFan really, are you sure? I use wood shavings for my rabbit litter box but the expert in the video said it causes respiratory thing problem. I”m really worried please respond! THANK YOU!

  17. LisaLeftEyeFan
    | Reply

    @YugiohGeek123 mmmm i think u can but be careful what wood shavings u buy cuz i had a friend u got a hamster she uses wood shavings and he had a screched hey im sooo sure u can use wood shavings cuz it covers the smell off poos lol

  18. YugiohGeek123
    | Reply

    @LisaLeftEyeFan what about rabbits? I don’t have a hamster ( even though i want one 🙁 ) please respond and

  19. LisaLeftEyeFan
    | Reply

    @YugiohGeek123 well i guess if u can use it for hamster and guinea pigs im sure u can have it for rabbits

  20. YugiohGeek123
    | Reply

    @LisaLeftEyeFan no guessing next time but still thanks for the advise ( PLZ GIVE ME MORE ADVICE ON RABBIT CARING ) ( at leat one a day thanks )

  21. lanegjones
    | Reply

    @xxporingzxx lol

  22. ninetysevenecho
    | Reply

    this is unnecessarily complicated. rabbits like to pick a spot or two for use as a toilet, and they stick with those spots from then on.
    i’ve had a few rabbits over the years, and every time i get a new one, i leave it in the cage for about the first two or three days that it’s at my house. all the places they pick to use as a toilet are therefore going to be inside the cage, and in 9 years of rabbit ownership, i’ve never seen one of them go anywhere but back to the cage to do their business.

  23. stephanieguedea
    | Reply

    Um well firstly, timothy hay, is good and all but I wouldn’t suggest putting it in a litter box, considering it’s where they um crap.They could eat the crap accidentally if you don’t pay attention while there shitting*pardon this language* and then they eat the timothy hay, they could end up eating there crap, nice try, but I wouldn’t use timothy hay in a litter box.Timothy hay is good to train rabbits tho,I’ve tried carrots and fruit but my rabbit listens to me when i use timothy hay,.xD

  24. Ksflippy
    | Reply

    @stephanieguedea Its normal for rabbits to eat their own droppings

  25. stephanieguedea
    | Reply

    @Ksflippy That’s pretty much what I was getting at…
    If you put hay in there litter box,they could accidentally eat there own droppings..I’ve seen it happen, it wont harm them but if you ever see a bunny eat there own droppings, it means there not getting there nutrition food like they need.That’s all I was simply getting at.I’d put the hay outside the cage so it’s more comfortable in it’s surroundings.

  26. johny
    | Reply

    Such a cute rabit . oh my god .

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