Pet Rabbit Care : Buying Your Pet Rabbit

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains how to buy your pet rabbit in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. umayanarosy
    | Reply

    there Try asian brides

  2. WebkinzConfetti
    | Reply

    i love bunnies but my mom wont let me get 1

  3. JessicaLover11
    | Reply

    lol pause it on 0:13

  4. iluvsonicxshadow
    | Reply

    @booluvscharlie rly? they didnt help the bunny?BUNNYS ARE MARSUPIALS!!!! plus the RSPCA are supposed to help all animals!wil or pets!ive seen them help egels deers and ever squirrles.SQUIRRLES ARE RODENTS!(no offense to squirrles,i love you squirrles) but i dont understand,maybe they made it up cuz theyre scared of rabbits.-_-

  5. vtbrigeywidgey
    | Reply

    @booluvscharlie They aren’t rodents. They are legamorphs.

  6. vtbrigeywidgey
    | Reply

    @iluvsonicxshadow They aren’t marsupials either. THey are legamorphs.

  7. booluvscharlie
    | Reply

    @vtbrigeywidgey i kno… im jst saying that they RSPCA sed that they dont help rodents… 🙁

  8. iluvsonicxshadow
    | Reply

    @vtbrigeywidgey rly?thought they,oh well…..thyre not rodents though so those guys should get sued 4 not helping the bunny.

  9. TheKittyOKat
    | Reply

    About how much is a purchased Baby Rabbit?

  10. garryo5
    | Reply

    @TheKittyOKat it might be about 20 US dollars but the cost is mostly for food, housing, and bedding. good luck with your future bunny 🙂

  11. pumpkin091
    | Reply

    @TheKittyOKat It depends, but the animal itself is usually not that expensive!

  12. KehJay
    | Reply

    I could buy every thing for a bunny but my mom may say no help? I don’t want write a letter cause that only works for 5 year olds help!?! Plzz

  13. jerilyng
    | Reply

    @iluvsonicxshadow marsupials are animals that have pouches. I’ve known that since I was 4.

  14. iluvsonicxshadow
    | Reply

    @jerilyng well,i just recently found out,>.<….either way i highly dbout rabbits should be considered rodents.not by scientific matters,i mean by people.rodent has such a negitive term to it,which makes many parents say no to getting one.when u hear rodent,most ppl naturally think of a dirty creature scurring around on the floor. while rabbits are "rodents"they are very far from the term.

  15. jerilyng
    | Reply

    @iluvsonicxshadow Oh. my. gosh. That’s not the point. Rabbits are NOT RODENTS! Unless you are like, from fift years ago, they are LAGOMORPHS. Google it. If somebody freaking calls a rabbit a rodents one more time.. I will go insane o.e >.<

  16. iluvsonicxshadow
    | Reply

    @jerilyng ok.dont get all mad at me >.<

  17. The7MISSFITS
    | Reply

    @iluvsonicxshadow lol

  18. jerilyng
    | Reply

    @iluvsonicxshadow haha it’s ok xP

  19. iluvsonicxshadow
    | Reply

    @jerilyng kay 🙂

  20. tazrockslikecool456
    | Reply

    @jerilyng rabbits are rodents moron

  21. jerilyng
    | Reply

    @tazrockslikecool456 Oh my gosh, you are so ignorant. If you were logical, you would know that scientists have given rabbits their own category, so don’t call me a moron unless you want to lok like one, yourself.

  22. MyComputerLover
    | Reply

    @parisasbunny I love him 2,m8
    I’m gettin 1 2day!

  23. tazrockslikecool456
    | Reply

    @jerilyng you need to learn how to spell the word ”look”
    ps im teasing i know that rabbits are

  24. jerilyng
    | Reply

    @tazrockslikecool456 Oh please, you were not teasing, how stupid do you think I am? By the way, it’s called a typo. I’m done arguing with someone who is obviously younger than me.

  25. ukrabbitbreeder
    | Reply

    There are many different reasons to own rabbits, not just pets….

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