I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Hey guys! For the many years I’ve been on Youtube, I’ve done many episodes of “pet peeves.” A lot of people have been asking for me to bring it back so I’ll probably be doing the every or every other week. What are YOUR pet peeves?! If I like it or agree or flat out just find it funny, I might even include it in my next video! Featuring David Spates!: My Youtube Channel: My vlog channel!!! DAILY VLOGS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MYSPACE:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. foundmyswagg1314
    | Reply

    my pet peeve is loud people and people who act stupid

  2. miraclebabee
    | Reply

    omg 1:57-1:59 drake look-alike

  3. commenter4u
    | Reply

    I went to my 4g iPod and said ” hmm boy I love bananas” and it came out with “big boy I love p***s”

  4. TheLoveableZebra
    | Reply

    @commenter4u Lmao!

  5. Kikilicious52790
    | Reply

    u always say duece @ the end of ur vids,lol

  6. fefediva
    | Reply

    badoo made my day…

  7. Choochi09
    | Reply

    My pet peeve is when I’m in my bed all nice and comfy watching tv or etc, my mom calls me, then i answer “Yes?”…..(pause)….”Mam”……(still no reply)….”YES!” after that im like f it im not moving lol Then she comes in 5mins later like, um I was calling u…and it will be like “I had dropped the remote by the bed and I had to pick it up all by myself” smdh lol

  8. Mileyfanforeal
    | Reply

    1: people who LITERALLY, STALK me off of facebook
    2: obvious questions
    3: TOO much questions

  9. hotty3737
    | Reply


  10. hotty3737
    | Reply

    worst pet peeve: when people know i have a pre paid and text me short messages like lol or idk. It kills me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dada8282
    | Reply

    @zebibey I KNOW rIGHT!!! aD Th3y b3 puTtInG NuMbEr$ & $hIt SO ANNOYINGGG

  12. shivon7426423
    | Reply

    people who ask retorical questions!!!

  13. 520146RS
    | Reply

    I would probably say this was the funniest

  14. QueenLioness84
    | Reply

    @ 1:57 Funniest part of the video. lmao

    My biggest pet peeve on YT, aside from irrelevant racist jokes and comments: Iz peeps who type lik dis, my nigga! Dey got noe ejukashun.

  15. hottopic50
    | Reply

    number 1 is so real

  16. simpleavailability
    | Reply

    whining it makes me wanna kick people who whine Im the throat

  17. moopotter
    | Reply

    BADOO LMAO!!!!

  18. recruitingnow30
    | Reply

    my pet peeve is fack people who wanna smile in your face

  19. beastsuarez1
    | Reply

    dude u should do no love with eminem and lil wayne pleasee do it!!!

  20. Honeydoomelon11
    | Reply

    @recruitingnow30 do you mean fake?

  21. Honeydoomelon11
    | Reply

    My petpeeve is when someone calls you ugly and they look worse then you.I mean you would know you’re ugly,they don’t need to say it.

  22. Honeydoomelon11
    | Reply

    @shivon7426423 I know right

  23. the1uaintuse2
    | Reply

    my pet peeve is when people wear shoes in bed. That just pisses me off lol

  24. PandaMarquez
    | Reply


  25. PandaMarquez
    | Reply

    Lol he knows how u do it girl

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