PET MANIA Rescue Kitties – Labor Day '07

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube
Video of hand-raised rescued kittens in chronological order, ranging from newborn “neonatal” kitten (several days old), to just weaned kittens (6 to 8 wks), to “older” kittens (4 to 5 mo). Fifty percent are bottle-fed at PET MANIA, most have been fixed or will be fixed after Labor Day. They are available for adoption daily at PET MANIA. Advertised on Craigslist during Labor Day holiday. Located at 353 D. North Pass Avenue (Lakeside Shopping Center), Burbank, CA 91505 at 818.848.5512 (phone Laura) or 818.848.5519 (fax).

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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9 Responses

  1. poozybear
    | Reply

    Hey! I thought I recognized your store . . . I’m a customer! Keep up the great work with the kitty rescue.

  2. doom3050
    | Reply

    i found a kittie they are so much work!

  3. sweetkitty1967
    | Reply

    Such cute little kittens. Great work you’re doing! It looks like a lot of work.

  4. ricatcher
    | Reply

    everyone feeds them on their backs here…i don’t get it? can’t they aspirate on the milk that way?

  5. maykayla1997
    | Reply

    i wonder where this place is at cause i want to work there

  6. maykayla1997
    | Reply

    where is this place at
    i live in florida but it looks like its in a differnt state is it?

  7. songblade
    | Reply

    My husband and I love Pet Mania!! If we ever need another pet, we’ll surely get one here. Right now, they have the cutest pairs of puppies!

  8. stevencp
    | Reply

    i smashed a kitty with my car yesterday

  9. haleyryan8399
    | Reply

    petco has dead animals,petland has puppy mill,pet mania saves kittens yeaaaaa ummmm pet mania is the number one pet store evarrrrr

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