Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

By Terry Price

You will be simply amazed at what is covered when it comes to pet insurance. There are dozens of reputable insurance companies that offer very competitive rates when it comes to comprehensive dog and cat insurance coverage. You can get your pet covered for unexpected illnesses and accidents or just for routine care. Such items as injuries, and emergencies are covered, as well as your office visits, prescriptions, x-rays, diagnostic tests, lab fees and lots more. You can even get a routine care or vaccination rider on your policy that covers pet care items, and some come with one small fee per year with no deductible, so it pays to shop around. Pet insurance can be comprehensive and there is almost an exhaustive list of items that can or will be covered depending on your requirements. Such items as cat scans, surgeries, cancer treatments, medication prescriptions, and even hospitalization of your pet. Imagine vaccinations being covered. Now that is a significant expense when it comes to pet care. Other items such as heartworm protection, annual exams and flea control also can be covered, and of course, your traditional spay and neuter procedure.

Pet insurance is excellent for that unexpected expense that always seems to crop up. I am sure you know what I mean! When your pet becomes ill, you want to make sure that you are getting the best care quickly without worrying about how much it is going to cost. Did you know that one in three pets need veterinary treatment each year? You can get plans that have great premium payment options such as direct debit. Most claims are settled fairly and promptly and will cover most breed types. Some offer you the flexibility as well to get a 100% refund within a specified time for your peace of mind. Here is a link to some great pet insurance information:

Remember to get coverage when your pet is young because you pets are like babies and toddlers. They lack coordination so they are more accident-prone, and we have the experience to know what situations might hurt them. Sometimes they don’t know when they are in the way and accidents do happen. It is always better to enroll them when they are young and before any problems develop or that unexpected mishap occurs. Here is a link to some good information on pet insurance:

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