Pet ID Tag Flash Drive

Heads up from: The BloggingPet Blog – Pet ID Tag Flash Drive

What a great find by the … Check out the – PET TAG ID Website and look around at the screen views … Why didn’t anybody think of this idea sooner?

Helpful Hints:

Before you start, gather information such as names, phone numbers and addresses of your pet’s Veterinarian, Emergency Vet and groomer.

After attaching the Top Tag to a collar, monitor your pet’s behavior for a few days to make sure your pet is not trying to chew or remove the Top Tag ID.

Update your pet’s Top Tag ID any time there is a change in your pet’s life, such as a new address, or a change in diet or updated medical information.

If your Top Tag Pet ID flash drive gets wet, don’t worry. Just wait until it’s completely dry before inserting it in your computer.

Show the Top Tag Pet ID to your Vet on your next visit. Your Vet will be glad to know you are taking extra steps to ensure your pet’s safety and care.

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