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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

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Visit Our Site Visit Our Blog Living in a house with more than one animal can run into money, especially if your pets are high maintenance animals like the ferret, or large enough to require more food than the average pet. But they can also lead to various health and safety issues, especially when pets belong to different species. Fights between animals create obvious health and safety problems for pets and can also be dangerous to any human who tries to step in. Many tips will tell you which pet combinations to avoid, such as a python and any animal that isn’t another python. But how does a pet owner ensure the health and safety of themselves and their animals if they already have two pets that are dangerously mismatched? An obvious tip would be to give up one animal and keep the other. But even on behalf of a health and safety issue, not everyone is willing to do that. And depending on the species of the animal, you may have trouble getting rid of it. Pythons, for example, are a major threat to the health and safety of other pets as well as people, and they live much longer than the average dog. Other than keeping the python under lock and key, there are no tips that tell you how to keep other pets in the same house with this type of snake. There are no tips that tell you how to successfully give one away—as opposed to giving away the pet whose health and safety issues are comparatively non-existent. Most people

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