Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Breed Betta Fish

Items needed to breed Betta fish include at least a 10 gallon tank, sponge filter, and a heater to maintain the water at 70 to 72 degrees. Breed Betta fish with tips from an aquarium shop owner in this free video on aquariums. Expert: Chris Simms Contact: Bio: Chris Simms owns Aquatic Central in San Francisco, Calif. Filmmaker: Bing Hu

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  1. Ricky Alonzo says:

    I thought the male attends the fry for 2 weeks he picks them up and spits them back in the nest to help them from drowning. Remove after male after 2 weeks.

  2. yminisarmes says:


  3. gtariman03 says:

    What if they sell pens?

  4. FwPrudence368 says:


  5. fluffels1 says:

    i need fish eggs to make caviar

  6. u have to take care of the eggs by urself i have bettas

  7. storminator1969 says:

    Hi my bettas have breed but the female ate all the eggs as soon as they droped do i try another pair ?

  8. Brady Pham says:

    You cant u dummass!!! -_-“

  9. patronesmababy says:

    how do you get the males not to attack the females when you put them into the tank?

  10. vvvvvv(dot)bettafishtalk(dot)com

  11. need help
    i think my betta sick 🙁
    its has white spots
    but its so strange too its stay out side water

  12. grant fishbreeder says:


  13. pedro bare says:

    watch my video and comment :'(

  14. Dam I got an ad

  15. Lets Put an End to Fish sale at Wal-Mart!!!!

  16. thefishbreader says:

    ya i am pretty sure you can as long as you have a seperate (comunity) tank
    to move the females into afterwards

  17. redsox5902 says:


  18. lol store is “pen” anyone? buy pen? lol

  19. tymoore12345 says:

    Do you have to have a filter????

  20. FootyHerper10 says:

    Do you happen to sell pens? LOL… -.-

  21. hi my name is mecha185 and can you breed bettas in a 5 gallon tank

  22. Blinkdelete says:

    tnks bro

  23. TheDarkPlakat says:

    lol no plakats males can have shorter tail ;p so unless they’re long finned types…plakats are a lot more difficult to tell at times but you check for the pectoral fins, ovi(egg spot), and anal fin which in my opinion is a lot more rectangular if they’re plakat females

  24. kuvtuagnoobs says:

    Next on ExpertVillgage, how to cover your sneeze.

  25. AwesomeAssassin1000 says:

    anodia “AKA” anakerouse
    ow yeah that clears things up

  26. Ultimatefighter180 says:


  27. Blinkdelete says:

    the male had a long tail
    and the female had a shorter tail

  28. 25-27

  29. Wilson Tan says:

    how much degrees is 72 degreess farinhiehgt

  30. MegaHL123 says:

    Wow, a good expertvillage video o.O

  31. MrEnrique615 says:

    i got 2 bettas how can i tell them a part ????

  32. leann lewis says:

    Water temp for Betas should be mid-to high 80’s. That’s their natural temp in the natural habitat. I’ve found this to be very helpful with tanked Betas.

  33. MsExtreamgaming says:

    instead of the filter just turn it off and remove the eggs to a different tank
    take a cup and scoop out water and put it into a different tank

  34. did he say 70 – 72 degree’s fahrenheit?? its a tropical fish you amateur, they breed in 80 degree F water temperature. watch my videos, i’ve actually successfully bred bettas and 70 – 72 is way to cold.

  35. Tanner Evans says:

    @ThaiBettas i’m confused

  36. Tanner Evans says:

    are pet store bettas good for breeding?

  37. shirochachadorian says:

    Geeez! He is soooo hot!!

  38. juniorklk23 says:

    How much do you have to wait for the female to be ready?…….

  39. BrennenHD says:

    Next on .ExpertVillage, How to Wipe your ass

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