Pet Fest At Falls Park

Pet Fest At Falls Park

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Pendleton, Indiana (September 22, 2012) What do you get when you combine seventy-five people of so along with their pets? A lot of very happy puppies. That’s exactly what took place today at Pets & Vets Veterinarian Clinic located on the edge of Falls Park here in Pendleton played host to pet owners’, rescue groups and vast array pet vendors. To make the day even better, Veterinarian Dr. Bonnie Pilbeam was on hand to answer questions pet owners’ might have about their best friend. I spoke with Dr. Pilbeam about what pet owners might want to look for during the fall season in regards to the health of their pets. She said while fall is a great time weather wise fall it’s also a time owners need to aware of the possibly of flea control and they need to watch for the possibility of ticks. She

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