Perpetuum Mobile Cat (Кот – вечный двигатель)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description – more funny videos

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. m3ttwur5t
    | Reply

    This might solve all energy problems on this world.

  2. SpaceGladiator
    | Reply

    Epic! xD

  3. Sadie70
    | Reply


  4. Wicherrrrrrrrr
    | Reply

    @ignoramusky tutaj ;p

  5. S8pt
    | Reply

    nobel prize

  6. KittensGotTalent
    | Reply


  7. cyberstuff
    | Reply

    some russian guy probably already said this and I can’t read it, but anyone else notice that’s a noose?

  8. theeltea
    | Reply

    @cyberstuff no one mentioned it, but yes, that looks like a noose. 🙂

  9. theeltea
    | Reply

    @FatalityVirez should have just said it’s fake & gay, less letterzzz… 🙂

  10. trippplefive
    | Reply

    This will be RayWilliamJohnsoned if it isn’t already.

  11. cyberstuff
    | Reply


    whew! For a second I thought it was a granny knot… FUCK grannys and their knot-stealing…*incessant muttering*

  12. GarlicPepper
    | Reply

    Feel bad for the cat, this kind of thing hurts his reflexes 🙁

  13. clcnoize
    | Reply

    A chier !

  14. HaxmanBob
    | Reply

    I came

  15. uhtyghost
    | Reply

    bas musi łamać żebra!

  16. EarlyLAPunk
    | Reply

    in russia string play with cat

  17. HansR1985
    | Reply

    two weeks later?? it might be dead…

  18. Dia8D
    | Reply

    музыка ппц как в тему!))))))

  19. JamesFrizell
    | Reply

    @HansR1985 Obviously you’ve never owned a cat lol

  20. vigorousera
    | Reply

    120+ hit combo

  21. 4hero2zero
    | Reply

    44 people dont beat cat score

  22. Hundreas
    | Reply

    Video is obviously looped, you can see the repetitive pan&zoom. But still awesome and creative idea

  23. EDanilova
    | Reply

    взорвало мне мозг

  24. Andrejr77rv
    | Reply

    Чуть со смеха не упал 🙂

  25. naivno1985
    | Reply

    lol, но склейку всё равно видно 😉

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