Perfect Names for Your New Pets

Perfect Names for Your New Pets

By Stuart Harrison

You have a new pet it doesn’t yet have a name. You haven’t had 9 months to think of one as you would with your children, so what can you do to invent a name distinctive enough to fit? Use any of the following naming methods to get that perfect pet name, one that will make you smile every time you call it.

Animal Instincts

Observe your pet during the first two or three days that it is in your house. It will start to show some of its behaviour and personality. Now think: what animal (apart from the animal it is!) is it acting like? This is your new pets name. For example my brother bought a hamster, and saw that it would stand upright on her hind legs to look around. When it did this she looked like a miniature Polar Bear, so her name became ‘Polar’. My hamster’s main behaviour, however, was to climb up the side walls of his cage then, having nowhere to go, he would jump down heavily to the ground. His name is Lemming (shortened to Lemmy).

The Flattery

This is a very crafty naming method as it has the double benefits of getting your pet named and being a very cheap present. Name your pet after your boss/friend/client/colleague. Don’t forget to tell the human whose name you have used, as they will be very flattered that you have thought about them in this important decision, they will feel like a godparent. Warning: if you fall out with the person, please don’t take it out on their animal namesake.

Celebrity Look-alikes

Look deeply at your new creature, which celebrity/historical figure do they resemble? Try to notice the features that are unique to the individual rather just the traits of that particular breed to get a personalised name (e.g. all cats look like Joan Collins, but who does your cat in particular look like?).

Battle of the Bands

Every rock/pop/jazz band have spend days agonising about getting the perfect name to describe their music, attitude, and values. You can bypass all this hard work by stealing their name! Choose the name of a band you like, or a band whose name seems to fit for your pet. Just look at the Top 20 single and album charts for inspiration. Some examples are: Goldfrapp (for a gerbil?) Pulp (Alsatian?), Pink (Gecko?), Black Eyed Pea (rabbit?).

Colour Scheme

Another area where good names are devised is the names given to paint colours. Visit your local hardware Superstore and pick up a leaflet from a paint manufacturer. The leaflet will be filled with lots of rich and beautiful names that will work equally well for your pet’s new name. You can choose the name that describes the colour of your pet, or you can be a bit more flexible and just consider which names sound the nicest. Here are some examples: Soft Spice, Energise, Lemon Squash, Bermuda and of course Matt!

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