Pedigree Dog Adoption Drive

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

Voice-over by David Duchovny

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

Advertisement: Pet Care @ HART Market We have a fine selection of healthy dog products – Veterinary approved!

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25 Responses

  1. Guld

    I don’t know why people gave you thumbs down, pedigree doesn’t make very good dog food, period.

    Their commercials are amazing though.

  2. cherryNerds

    That boxer looks amazingly cute!!

  3. xxxtaekwondoxxx

    how much is the adoptions of the dogs?

  4. TheCeliacVoid

    I’m getting mine for 147 dollars, including shots(rabies, others) 3 free training courses, NEUTER/SPAYING, etc. if you have bowls, there’s your water/food dish, if you have pillows there’s a bed, dog food is like20 dollars a month, sorry pedigree. Get IAMS

  5. jenie212

    breaks my heart.

  6. SuperPosiedon

    hey i seen this part in the movie Hotel For dogs

  7. samajula

    i adopted my fluff and it didnt cost me a cent, but i would never give up all the great times ive spent with her. she is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and i will never give her away no matter how mad dad gets about how much fur she leaves.

  8. ConscienceRMV

    I just don’t know what to say ,it drag me in so sad mood just when i look at start of commercial,it make me cry every time.
    it’s sad that there is no enouhg ppl who can actualy do something about that 🙁

  9. KingDoodleify

    Just remember when you adopt, you also look at the people you’re adopting from. There is a sad truth that there are animal shelters who will lie through their teeth to get rid of a animal. At the very least take a newly adopted pet to a vet you trust to get a second opinion. There’s nothing more heart breaking than to think you saved a life only to find you’ve brought home a pet that’s so diseased they have to be put down.
    Guy has a voice that just fits a happy hopeful face.

  10. BSUFAN0339

    In these commercials I don’t her David Duchovny only Hank Moody and it satisfies my Californication addiction slightly.

  11. SoutherBellGuitarGal

    I love my shelter dog. I thank God for him everyday.

  12. kenkenken1000

    For every view their adoption videos get, Pedigree Canada donates $1 to animal shelters. Please remove this and any other Pedigree adoption video immediately if you have a heart, as your thievery is now costing lives.

  13. FreeGamerDownloads

    Wow.. ):
    Ima adopt one.

  14. rojomojo35

    @Aveiraslover Basically by watching this video instead of the original, you’re not getting Pedigree Canada to donate. They donate $1 for every view THEIR video gets, not this one, so if people view this one instead of the original, then no money gets donated.

  15. kenkenken1000

    @Aveiraslover Pedigree ONLY gives $1 each time THEIR POSTED VERSION of this video gets played. When someone watches YOUR video instead, animal shelters don’t receive a single penny.

    If you remove this video, then people will watch the official video, and Pedigree will donate $1 for each view.

    Understand now?

  16. Aveiraslover

    @kenkenken1000 yes i understand thanks for explaining

  17. MelancholiaImpact

    @kenkenken1000 So where is the original video ?? Damn it!! I want them to donate >; /

  18. gwenroxx

    thats sad 🙁

  19. Cena666777

    im crying as i write this. i only searched this cuz i needed one of those sad songs for my video. BUT NO u had to go and stab me rite in the heart with ur sad commercial. CURSE U MAN CURSE U

  20. animaladoptionstory

    This is sad, but it all doesn’t have to be. Help us show a happier side to animal adoption at Animal Adoption Stories dot com

  21. BellaTeamJacob

    I love these commercials, but I would NEVER buy Pedigree for my dogs. It’s over-priced corn-in-a-bag. Over-priced Ol’ Roy.
    I suggest 4Health, Blue Buffalo, Diamand, Taste of the Wild, but NOTHING but corn.
    I DO buy Pedigree products like Dentastix, because I wanna make a difference.
    I Love my Jasper, a shelter dog that is the sweetest thing in the world. I thank God he’s here & still alive after being abused in the past.. 🙂

  22. Santogoldfan10

    I’m 19 and i never really cry but now, I am sobbing


    When I get older, I’m going to adopt 3 of my favorite dog breeds.. atleast a few more lucky dogs will be saved 🙂 ……. I sad now 🙁 ….

  24. pptguru99

    If I weren’t so CAT person, I’d adopt EVERY OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!! I love dogs too, sucks having an apartment!!!!

  25. usgirl89

    @MICKMYMICK1 You are a very good person. I loved that you saw dogs like this and now you want to adopt.