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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This video is a how to video on how to teach your dog to target an object with his front paws. This is not only a great game to teach your puppy or dog how to learn to learn, but it is the foundation for many behaviors and tricks. Tricks with this foundation include- wave, shake , high five, standing up, hands up, close the door, cop cop, say your prayers, descrimination, freestyle foot work and more. Check out zsianz1 ‘s video on how to teach a high five using this technique! Take care with large breed dogs or dogs who have sharp toe nails as you can get slapped. Perhaps teach shake down the line when you have more experience as a trainer so that your large dog doesnt learn to paw at you as their favorite behavior. The great thing about the technique that I am using is that the dog isnt learning to paw at your skin, but at an object, so you can get that on stimulus control before it is just your arm (for very large and powerful dog breeds). You can also click them fore being gentle before you switch to using just your hand for shake.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. ithnkiluvyou
    | Reply

    Hey emily it’s hannah. His foster mom i cant believe how well he is doing im so glad you took him home he couldnt have a better home!! cant wait to see more of you guys.. BTW what did you name him?

  2. kikopup
    | Reply

    hey! 🙂 His name is Tug. You did such a great job teaching him to only chew on his toys! Puppy training is a breeze with him. Hes the perfect match for my Chi- he is so gentle with her! More tutorials on the way, Tug has learned a ton of things! (I’ve had the flu at the moment so will get back to editing soon!) Email me at my real email rather than the youtube one as it gets so full I can’t look through it all.

  3. kikopup
    | Reply

    You should still make it! as people might not know how to progress. Even if you made a targeting video, the more the better, especially when people SEE that it works with ALL dogs not just one. 🙂

  4. DogsAreMyBestFriends
    | Reply

    OMG, Tug is incredibly cute! Ahh!
    Great work, and great tutorial!
    Very well made!
    Can’t wait to see more of Tug!

  5. puurrrrr
    | Reply

    I’ve seen videos like this before, but I still don’t really understand paw targeting.

    Is this in preparation for other tricks? What sorts of tricks will training this help with?

  6. SkaT50
    | Reply

    For puurrrrr: To the right of the video window there is a text window written by kikopup. Click on “more info” and read why Paw Targeting is useful.

  7. puurrrrr
    | Reply

    Oh, thank you very much!

  8. kikopup
    | Reply

    That is too funny!

  9. uwilh8me
    | Reply

    this paw targeting i use it to get my yorkie to ring a bell on the doorknob to tell me he has to pottie

  10. TipsyTurvy17
    | Reply

    Yippi; I used this tutorial to teach paw and then progressed to Shake and High five on the second session. Tipsy loved it. She has been so mouthy that I think it was an amazing surprise for her to use her paws.

  11. elisahafdis
    | Reply

    you are an amazing trainer 🙂

  12. swanbackjacks
    | Reply

    Excellent timing…. Thanks!

  13. NormyPie
    | Reply

    Fab – I want to train my pup (when I get him) to use a push button bell and was wondering how I could do it. So is this pup a new addition to your family?

  14. NormyPie
    | Reply

    @NormyPie oops Normy – you pressed ‘Post’ too soon – read the other comments first!

  15. NormyPie
    | Reply

    @uwilh8me Yay! That’s what I want to do!

  16. famouslauren
    | Reply

    My dog learned this really quick too! My husband was amazed!

  17. NormyPie
    | Reply

    @NormyPie Pup has arrived and we’ve started paw targeting yesterday. He’s a real nose dog so we got that straight away – the paw one is taking a bit longer!

  18. Civicblabla
    | Reply

    Do i have to have a “clicker” or cant i just clap my hands or some other clicking noise?????

  19. ninjakittyinmypants
    | Reply

    @Civicblabla The reason you use a clicker is because its a very distinct noise and there is nothing else like it, plus a click is insanely quick. Think how much slower it is when you clap your hands. You want to mark the exact action the dog doesi. Another way to mark it would be to use a word like “yes!” or “good!”. Again though, it is not as quick or precise as a clicker.

  20. itsmeEstefania
    | Reply

    this are great videos!! i love how you show the process clean and with an untrained dog, a lot of other videos use dog that are already trained. keep making videos!!

  21. BlakeTheBullie
    | Reply

    I have a Bulldog that loves to use his mouth/teeth way too much and when he can’t get the treat because he’s not using his paw he will start to chew on it with my fingers in the way. Is this kind of training going to have to wait until the future or is there a way around this? Also, he sometimes scratches at it rather than taps it. I don’t know if I should be clicking this just because he’s actually using his paws rather than his face but I don’t want to be teaching him to scratch either lol

  22. shyuyin0
    | Reply

    is the clicking important?cos i dont have one can i replace it with something else like a bell perhaps?

  23. dalyaluna
    | Reply

    tHank you so much!! this way of training is way better then grabbing the paw!

    my dog was not learning anything the other way and she caught on to it very quickly using this technique!

    thank you! =]

  24. vidgirl4444
    | Reply

    what is the nose target?? what i use for nose target? i say touch?

  25. TheMaryMarys
    | Reply

    I wanted to teach my Westie paw targeting but I have taught her before nose targeting. Now she just touches everything with her nose and doesn’t want to use paw. I was thinking of placing a target on a floor and click for stepping on a target and than slightly lift the target so as to make her touch it when she will already learn to step it. Do you think it shall work?

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