Parrot Training Progress | How to train a parrot to sit on your hand | Video in URDU/Hindi

Alexandrine Parrot Training progress. In this video I’m trying to explain, how to train a parrot to sit on your hand! This video is in Hindi or Urdu language!

This video is part of the series for taming and talking training of alexandrine parrot!

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28 Responses

  1. Yashwant Saindani
    | Reply

    Mera parrot me cage kholta hu to WO idher udher bhagta hai ringneck please healp

  2. Moumita Paul
    | Reply

    Bare hoke vaag to nehi jayega?

  3. PhotographyJo- Taj Alami
    | Reply

    That's not a ringneck

  4. Yousa Hassan
    | Reply

    faisal bhai mera ringneck to cage sa hi nahi bahir aata plz koi solution batao

  5. Mohd ZuNaiD AnSaRi
    | Reply

    Faisal Bhai plz Reply
    Mera parrot 9 mahine ka he balta nhi he

  6. Mohd Fazil
    | Reply

    sir mara pas bhi parrot hai ona bat nhai kara kya ka ro my

  7. mahd productions
    | Reply

    You forced the innovcent parrot

  8. Victor Murja
    | Reply

    Roses are red,violets are blue
    The title is english
    Why aren't you ?

  9. sana sani
    | Reply

    mara pass 2 parrts ha lakin wo hand tame nhi ha darta b ha or cut b krta ha usko wo kasa train hu sakta ha 7 month k huga ya zayada k

  10. Amir Qadri
    | Reply

    Bhai new parrot kitne month ka Lena chahiye please reply

  11. Sonal Verma
    | Reply

    Javed Uncle plzz btaye parrot ko din me kitne time talking traning deni chahiye 2 time ja jada bhi de sakte hai

  12. Nektarios Tsintzilonis
    | Reply

    If anyone is interested in parrot training the greatest results that I have ever had was with the Parrot ploy plan (i found it on google) – definately the most useful resource i've tried.

  13. Superman tv
    | Reply

    Bhai par kate h kya mitthu ke

  14. Superman tv
    | Reply

    Train to shit on your hand..Hahahaha

  15. mohd afjal
    | Reply

    Bhai Pahari parrot ke potty training ke video bana di gia ghar m free rahta h to jgha jgha pr potty kr k gandagi kerta h

  16. kashif 1987 top
    | Reply

    Shoe box rartoon kya hota hai please comment kijyega

  17. kashif 1987 top
    | Reply

    3 week ka bchha ko hm sattu de sakte hai na aur use kis me rakh sakte hai bachha pinjra me thik rahega ki kartoon me

  18. kashif 1987 top
    | Reply

    Kya parrot ko bolne ke liye chilli khilana chahiye

  19. Rangga Hernandia
    | Reply

    Stop it .. he's not a circus animal .. teach him to fly.. poor bird

  20. Raj Ali_
    | Reply

    is ke pankh kate hai kaya
    aur ye kitne month ka hai

  21. Mohamed Oliya
    | Reply

    I have a pair of alexandrin but they use to bite a lot
    Can u sujjest me something that what should i do

  22. the shezzy show
    | Reply

    Yeah kinda totally hai

  23. Atif Shaikh
    | Reply

    Aur woah 8 mahine ka hai

  24. Atif Shaikh
    | Reply

    Sir lekin woah bohot darta hai aata nahi aur bohot danger kaat ta hai kiya kare

  25. anisha annie
    | Reply

    mayur gohal ye parrot lapak lapak muh khol rahi h qki usko garmi lagi rahi h. ye parrot garmi bardash nhi kar pate. video maker ne wrong bola ki dar k mare kar raha hai ..I have two parrot yehi wali

  26. Afaq Raja
    | Reply

    bite ker ta hain help

  27. Diya Gupta
    | Reply

    mera ring nake parrot hai wo hath dekhte hi dar jata hai, aur wo sirf dhan hi khata hai aur kuchh v nhi.

  28. Nikhil More
    | Reply

    kis umar me bat karte he parrot pahadi ke

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