Othello Pet Rescue

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube


Miniature Australian Shepherds rescued in Eastern Washington

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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19 Responses

  1. Rufulous

    My husband and I both cried watching this. The dogs look like they could tell a very disturbing story. I love all of them.

  2. abney27

    Thank you for what you do

  3. ponyannie

    This video is fantastic! It shows the little faces behind this horrific story. The people caring for them are truly angels. Some are people who have traveled many miles to donate time.

  4. KHFan

    That was sooo beautiful

  5. sdlillian

    I know the woman who had these dogs. She would never misstreat one of them. She is a respectable breeder, and treats all her dogs like people. When I visited the dogs I saw clean pens, food, and water.
    The dogs they put down? Most breeders would have culled them right from birth, because of their little defects. This woman would never do such a cruel thing. Think about that.
    They took newly weaned puppies, mothers, fathers, and even an old guard dog who protected her sheep from town dogs.

  6. cdandrews1943

    No one persoan can properly care for that many animals, and…… to continue to breed them is criminal. I just wonder how many litters the females were forced to deiver. And…law enforcement doesn’t usually raid a place unless there is good cause and plenty of evidence. Rescue organizations volunteer a lot of time and effort in helping animals, and don’t make up stories to give themselves more work.

    You should post more information. I would be interested in the whole story.

  7. HabermanX3

    This video is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes knowing the worst had not been taped.
    There is NO excuse for the dead and decaying dogs on the premises, the dogs left for dead in the “hut” with no ventilation, food or water because they were not capapble of breeding.
    Please, find it in your heart to make a donation, we have.
    The Othello Pet Rescue was not ready to open when the bust occured.
    Bless the volunteers and the faces we love so much.

  8. ClassicStrafe

    To Donna and all the volunteers You guys rock, I was only there a short time but I see all the effort and love you put into these wonderful little dogs, Keep up the great work. Brenda

  9. nojo54

    I know how horrible this because I read what the volunteers reported but I have to say for the most part, these animals really do not look negleceted or abused. I know fur can hide a lot (as in Fightin Joe Frasier) but they look clean. I’m not sure how hard this will hit people to get them into action. I will be donating and passing the link on. I hope the very best for the beautiful fur balls and the wonderful people who ran to the rescue!!!

  10. nojo54

    Wonderful choice of music.

    I’d like to hear stories of some of the dogs named. I know about Jackson and Smokin Joe but what of Spirit, 2 Bits. It’s too bad there is not a way to tell some of their stories here.

  11. jssejme

    One of the many nice things about Aussies is how their coats are designed. My 2 can be out herding in the muck and mud & a couple of hours later it’s dried & fallen off.
    Smokin’ Joe was one of the dogs left behind in the hut & was named in hopes that it would inspire him to fight for his life. Spirit & Jackson were named by a wonderful volunteer. Spirit was very ill & is still fighting for his life.

  12. jssejme

    Two Bits’ number was 25 and was initially Quarter. She’s such a little sweetheart – she needed a name to match her personality.

  13. ladder31a

    The dogs were extremely underweight, yet it is disguised in some cases by their thickly matted undercoats.
    Unfortunately, the sordid details of this puppy mill bust can not be fully discussed yet due to the legalities. Similarly, the gory photos taken on-scene and afterwards can not be shared at this time.
    Bravo to the person who filmed this–it pays tribute to the lives that are being saved without exploiting the sad situation they came from. Thank you for your humanity.

  14. Hurnblad

    My prayers go out to all these poor dogs and the wonderful people helping put their shattered little lives back together again. Thank you all. Jeannie

  15. fugerhd

    Did you hold any of the dogs? How many did you see? Did you go into her home? All were skeletons. The FEW dogs euthenized were so ill, so full of infection from wounds that were not treated when they happened weeks and months before their rescue it was the humane thing to do. The “guard dog” was so sick and starving he couldn’t stand up, let alone protect against town dogs. I was there, I’m caring for some of these dogs now. I know first hand the conditions these dogs were living in.

  16. luckypets

    Thanks Brenda!! We WILL continue!! Seeing how many people really care helps to keep us going. These precious babies do the rest!!!

  17. luckypets

    When did you see this place? I was there on that day, and I continue to care for them now!! There is not enough room here to describe the horrific conditions in which these beautiful souls were being kept! I will NEVER be able to get these pictures out of my mind. The biggest thing that keeps us all going is the small steps these babies make towards being a normal dog.

  18. ClassicStrafe

    Donna It’s me Brenda I do not have your email but wanted to find out if you were awarded the pups and if they are now up for adoption? Please let me know I think I gave you my email. Hope to hear from you. Brenda

  19. SprinklesHorse85

    You guys are so wonderful… this video mad my cry for days. We just adopted two puppies from your place, there names were Katie and Miss. Piggy (Miss. Piggy’s name got changed to Abby). they are wonderful puppies. 2:59 and 4:03 will show you them. Thanks for all the care and love you you did for these doggies and great job! =]