Open Call For Guest Writers Here On PetLvr Blog

This is an OPEN INVITATION to all

I’m going on vacation July 28, 2008 to August 8, 2008 .. and our writers need a vacation too! For these two weeks, I would like to feature guest authors and articles here at [The Blog]. This applies to existing guest contributors and everybody else!

If you are interested in writing a pet related article for this blog, please following these three guidelines:

1) REGISTER yourself with this blog
2) TELL HART what your username is
3) WRITE and an article and submit it for review

HART Will do the rest and publish your article in this blog!

When you write your pet related guest article, feel free to append this to the end of your article:

* You May Find Me On The ‘Net….
Come visit me Blah Blah Blah … over at blahURL and BLAH2URL etc etc etc

Other Information You May Need To Know

* is on wordpress 2.5.1 version
* You do not need to have a blog or website to submit an article ..
* All articles must be pet related somehow that either entertain, teach, or relate personal experiences
* Pictures may be added or linked directly within your article (up to 750kb)
* Pets do not just mean dogs and cats .. but all pets! (ferrets, rabbits, snakes, rodents, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, sugar gliders, turtles, your pet rock, etc)
* No referral links within the article (they will be removed)
* If there are many more guest articles than needed for this particular period, and for new readers stumbling upon this post after my vacation is over ..I hope to continue to publish guest articles every Friday as they are available .. (so keep submitting!)
* Articles should be at around 500 words (there’s a button inside to calculate)
* First come first serve! Meaning, early submissions will be published sooner than the later ones 🙂
* If you have any questions …. ask HART!


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  1. Jenna
    | Reply

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks a ton for sharing!

  2. Kazelprr
    | Reply

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  3. Kazelsex
    | Reply

    Hi!zeer! flrab cxodj zzeoo aqjme

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