Ooooh Noooo! It's Those Nasty Wooden-Eh-Ticks Again!

Ooooh Noooo! It’s Those Nasty Wooden-Eh-Ticks Again!

Well, I suppose you have to be here, to both LISTEN to the way I say that to Maxxie and Sophie, our two Papillon dogs, or to WATCH how crazy excited they get when I say that! Yes! It’s a game we play every night.

This is how I play the “Tick” Game….

* I first announce to the dogs, that it’s time to check for those “Nasty Wooden-eh-ticks” (aka “Wood Ticks” aka “Ticks“) .. (they are quite excited to hear that)

* Then, I massage their entire body with both hands and check all over to see if there are any wood ticks on them. This means everywhere .. behind their ears, in their ears, on their head, legs, body, stomach, under-paw-arms, and near where the sun don’t shine!

* If I find a tick on any of them, I make sad faces, mention more how NASTY those WOODEN-EH-TICKS are, and remind them not to worry! Hold on! We’ll get rid of those nasty wooden-eh-ticks! Pooooor Baby! (etc, etc, etc)

* Then, I stand them up on our kitchen table, where the light is the shiniest, pull out the tick, SHOW THEM the tick and let them sniff the tick, and sometimes a few hair strands of theirs, .. then .. give that dog a FULL Milky-Bone-Treat .. and the other HALF a Milky-Bone-Treat.

How my wife plays the “Tick” Game

* She doesn’t .. you see, she’s deathly afraid of wood ticks! So .. it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, or where I am, or what I’m in the middle of .. if I hear … HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAARRRRRTTT! TIIIIIICCKK! OOUUUT! That means there’s probably a tick on one of the dogs, and she’s standing on a chair as if there was a mouse in the house!

Tonight I found Two Wooden-Eh-Ticks on Maxxie!

In honour of the two Nasty Wooden-eh-ticks that I pulled off Maxxie tonight, this afternoon I will be posting some “Tick” articles …

Take care.

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