Online Pet Memorials

By Max Bellamy

Now that the Internet is here, an online pet memorial is the next best option in terms of keeping the memory of a pet alive forever. There are many advantages to online pet memorials that conventional memorials such as headstones or markers do not possess. The online memorials are designed to create a virtual community of family and friends for the pet, and there is always so much more space to include all the important information about the life of the pet instead of just a verse of poetry and the dates of birth and death.

Web portals can be dedicated to a single pet or one can simply post the photograph and the information about the pet to any of the web sites that specialize in creating such memorials. Online memorials allow family and friends, irrespective of their geographical location, to pay tribute to the pet and share anecdotes, stories, poems, and thoughts without the need for physical presence. Tributes can be of any length and stay posted on the site until the caretaker decides to remove them. An online memorial can also have a guest book that can be signed by those who visit the site and this may include even strangers who may never have known the pet but have been emotionally touched by the messages posted.

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