Older Pets And Their Health Care

Older Pets… A Special Time at ThePetCenter.com

Older Pets and Their Health Care

Oh, how our emotions can be pulled this way and that! The affection we have for our pets becomes more intense as we watch them age right before our eyes. And as they begin to reach their later years we have to take special precautions to optimize their health and well being. Those “Golden Years” with our pets can be a truly wonderful time if we pay attention to their special needs. In this section of The Pet Center you will find some helpful advice for you and your pet.

Lets take a look at some of the difficulties our older dogs and cats run into simply because they have “been around a while.” The aging changes we see in dogs and cats are difficulties we humans suffer from, too. Many times through the years of practice I have paused and watched in sympathetic sadness as an old dog hobbled slowly across the parking lot to the awaiting car…and the dog’s owner, equally hobbled and bent by age shuffling alongside. When a pet and it’s owner are experiencing similar difficulties on a daily basis there is a special bond, a strong connection of mutual understanding that exists no where else in the human/animal experience. An aging pet can evoke emotions from us at any time; but when an elderly person experiences the rapid aging of a beloved pet the deepest kinds of feelings often surface in the pet owner’s consciousness. It can be a lonely and deeply personal experience.

When compared to a youthful dog or cat, an elderly one may experience major changes in ….

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