OH LOOK! Lab Chimps See Sunlight For The First Time!!

What do you think of this pet related video?

YouTube Description

[ —————- Please visit: reward.ariserver.net —————- ] This was the first time the chimps had ever been let loose in natural daylight. They’re like.. “I can’t believe it! man lets take a look around!” PS Animal testing kind-of sucks.

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25 Responses

  1. wildcattna
    | Reply

    subbed, subbed, subbed, i can do that all day long xD

  2. cayviet011
    | Reply

    You have made me extremely happy after watching this video!

  3. viniciusb
    | Reply

    @cayviet011 That should have made you sad, that we do this things to these animals. Youtube “animal lab testing” and watch the videos.

  4. moveon881
    | Reply

    I’ve watched the video at least 10 times. I don’t know what the heck you are looking at? It’s a hug…no doubt about it.

  5. moveon881
    | Reply


    Don’t know how you get copulation out of these chimps looking left and right and trying to understand what they are seeing….this seconds later walking out into the sunlight. Your observations are ridiculous.

  6. Jonathankoontz
    | Reply

    @moveon881 2 seconds in. You can’t see the chimp’s errect penis? You can see him positioning into a doggy style position? The chimp in the front grabbed and tried to bite him to stop.

    The problem with a lot of you guys is that you’re trying to give chimps superficial HUMAN qualities. Chimps express love, anger, and fear in their own ways, not specifically ours. Watch the video again.

  7. Jonathankoontz
    | Reply

    @dfendr93 I don’t know why people are saying that’s a hug. The chimps erect penis is completely visible 2 seconds in and gets into a doggy style position.

  8. moveon881
    | Reply


    And there is no humping….just chimps looking left and right and a few seconds later…..going out to the sunshine. I don’t see any indication the chimp in front was aware of anything but this whole new world in front of him/her. Quick projecting human behavior on chimps.

  9. Jonathankoontz
    | Reply

    @moveon881 there doesn’t have to be humping for the chimp in the front for a penis to be felt. Let me ask you something, did you see the chimps erect penis 2 seconds in? Just answer that and we’ll move on

  10. oversoulgs
    | Reply

    lolzers very funny? and very unique!!!!!!

  11. vanhaonghean
    | Reply

    WOW! Cest une vid

  12. Haiacne
    | Reply

    YOOOO who doesnt want to subscribe?? I LOVE this channels videos and PLEASE upload the next video faster soon!

  13. oversoulgs
    | Reply

    lolzers very funny? and very unique!!!!!!

    | Reply

    Your video has enlightened me to the ways of the subscribe button.

  15. chinsumr3
    | Reply

    Thats so so nice.

  16. JustHoldHands
    | Reply

    Awesome videos

  17. dfendr93
    | Reply


    If a chimp with an erection grabbed you around the waist from behind and pushed its groin close to you ass, would you say “Oh how sweet! He’s *hugging* me!”

    Just watch the vid again.

  18. dfendr93
    | Reply


    lol, just read your exchange with moveon881. It’s clearly very important to him that he does not in any way see or acknowledge the 2nd chimp’s erect willy in case it taints his view of the ‘hug’ being all sweet and tender.

  19. SurrogateNation
    | Reply

    amazing,how did you make this?

  20. AkkiAka420
    | Reply


  21. se7eNam
    | Reply

    Nice job! :O you worked really hard on this huh? Ill subscribe i want to see more work from you in the future 🙂

  22. HardstyleGermany11
    | Reply

    Keep up the good work mate!

  23. yeuhuflit
    | Reply

    I love it!

  24. leachlc
    | Reply

    OMG i really love this video

  25. bimtanja
    | Reply

    your video was great from start to finish

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