Off Leash Training: How to Train Your Dog To Listen Off Leash

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10 Responses

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
    | Reply

    Hundreds of new people are joining our instagram community daily! For live shows, and daily dog training tips follow us there! Http:// @zakgeorge

  2. Eksotik Extra
    | Reply

    What is your shoes?

  3. kassemir
    | Reply

    "She doesn't even know there's a leash on her"
    – I personally wouldn't trust that. Dogs are much smarter than we think, and generally speaking I think they're clever enough to figure out when there's a leash, even if it's a long one.

  4. tarikyameen1
    | Reply

    The issue with most of his videos are that he uses dogs that are already VERY good at the "trick" or talent (like off lease training). If he used a puppy that was TERRIBLE at off lease training and showed the progression of the skill, I would find it a lot more believable. Summary: its not as easy as he makes it look because he already uses relatively highly skilled dogs.

  5. Riley Kouf
    | Reply

    My dogs is a ditz

  6. droop_e
    | Reply

    Teaching your dog a proper place and release command would probably bypass all those "stay" and "distraction" techniques you try to show everyone.

  7. Touching Tips
    | Reply

    Hey zack love your vids they have been working for my puppy and my dads puppy I'm moving in to stay with my dads and I'm going to start dog walking (I'm 14) any tips how to start

    | Reply

    Me : doesnt have a dog
    Also me : watches dog training video

  9. DylanJCat
    | Reply

    Any ideas for how to stop your dog from running away when he is not in your yard? Our dog gets off the leash and runs and doesn’t stop. at least he has gone home but it’s scary because he is so fast. He listens and stops when he is in the yard but out in the open he won’t stop. Any suggestions about what to do?

  10. Ash Tranter
    | Reply

    You asked her to ignore the toy and come, and she came but you didn’t give her the treat for coming. You said sit as she got to you then rewarded her, so that’s rewarding the sit, not the coming back?

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