October is Spay and Neuter Month

As a pet owner, you have to take responsibility for your pet just like you would for your own child. If you are not prepared to breed animals, you should take immediate action to spay or neuter your pet. When this part of pet ownership is neglected, it only makes pets suffer. During October, the point to spay and neuter pets will be a main focus for many animal organizations.

Spaying and neutering is important to reduce the amount of homeless and neglected animals around the world. The population of dogs and cats only increases when action isn’t taken, which means that more animals will end up in shelters or not have a home at all. The simple procedure to spay or neuter has the potential to alleviate behavioral problems too. Animals have instincts, which can be strong enough to make them run away from home or impregnate another pet during your walk in the park.

If you have a pet that needs spayed or neutered, contact local shelters, because they might be performing this procedure at a reasonable price. Two veterinarians in Utah, the Dixie Veterinary Clinic and the Animal Clinic of St. George, will be providing free spay/neuter services for qualifying pet owners living in Utah.

In Los Angeles, resident pet owners are now required to have their pets spayed and neutered by the time the pet reaches four months old. Although there are a few exceptions, this law is meant to decrease the amount of homeless animals as well as reduce the number of pets who are euthanized.

It’s heartbreaking to know that animals are put to sleep when shelters can no longer afford to board them, and sometimes they don’t have room to board them either. Spaying and neutering protects animals’ well being in the long run, because it increases their chance to live in a loving home.

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