Occasional Contributors Wanted Too!

As mentioned in a previous posting, we are always looking for contributors to .. PetLvr.com – [The Blog].

Please Note, by “contributions”… we are not trying to solicit donations. Although we do hope that you support this site by clicking on our affiliate links down the left side panel – by “contributions”, we mean providing content to this blog.

For Full-Time or Regular and even intermittent contributors, we will link your profile and your website, plus also link with your graphic logo to your store or any affiliated website of your choice. All that is requested is that when you have time to write or submit an article of interest to this blog site, that you periodically upload it to [The Blog]. It’s easy. All you have to do is send an email to a specified address.

If you want to be an occasional contributor, we will definitely give you a link to your website. Contributions could be pictures, stories, local news commentaries, tricks, tips, … anything – as long as Animal Lovers and Pet Lovers will enjoy reading it. Please no profanity or adult site links.

To be an occasional contributor, you can either:

EMAIL your contribution to hart@PetLvr.com

FAX your contribution to our Toll-Free Fax Line (North America) 1-800-613-2087 … I did receive an email recently commenting that a person had a good article on pet training, but she didn’t want to type the article into an email. Our Toll-Free Fax Line is perfect for this, because then you won’t have to type anything, nor will it cost you to fax it to HART.

Please indicate all the links you want posted in the blog, and specifically identify items that may not want to appear in the blog. You should have permission to reproduce other people’s work. All contributions remain the property of [The Blog] and all Earthlings! But, you will get the proper recognition and a round of thanks from PetLvr’s around the world.

Take care.

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