OBESITY IN CATS… and What To Do About An Overweight Cat

Obesity In Cats, How To Get A Cat To Lose Weight… Explained In ThePetcenter.com

Ever wonder what to do about your overweight cat? Obesity in cats is very common and can predispose the cat to diabetes, Hepatic Lipidosis and arthritis. Overweight and actually obese cats outnumber cats of normal weigh and are being seen more and more commonly by veterinarians for various disorders. Weight loss plans in cats needs to be approached very carefully. This page will help you determine what to do about overweight cats so that your kitty won’t have to be encumbered by obesity.

There are more cats than dogs in the USA at this time. And 40 percent of those cats are considered to be obese! Only 5 to 10 percent of all cats can be classified as only slightly overweight. In recent years Feline Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes) has become almost a daily diagnosis in animal hospitals all across America. Our cats are at risk for a number of obesity related disorders. Documented research indicates obese cats are far more prone than cats of normal body weight to Diabetes, arthritis and a very serious disorder called Hepatic Lipidosis. And the 40 percent obesity figure seems to be growing.

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    Awesome post. Actually it can be helpful for keeping cats in perfect weight. Just looking this diabetic cat food , I found it as very effective. Thank you for your great informative post.

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