Nostalgia Critic – My Pet Monster Movie (Part 2)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

I Am NOT The Nostalgia Critic!!! Not Made By Me!!! Full Credit To:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. MrBuch169169
    | Reply

    “I… watch children’s programming and tell people what I think online.”

    Can’t tell you how much I loved that line.

  2. Actiomedey
    | Reply

    @SonicSnail95 I think he’s gonna do it for the 100th episode.

  3. CaptainAshSpearow
    | Reply

    I think Nostalgia Critic will do something really big for his last review.
    My guess is Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever, the lowest rated film ever on Rotten Tomatoes.

  4. SaintBroken
    | Reply

    He already did 161 prior to this one. 😛

  5. CHCHuser
    | Reply

    The ending kind of made me sad. I knew it was a joke, but still. It makes you think of what will happen when Doug ends the series.

  6. Actiomedey
    | Reply

    @SaintBroken no I meant AVGN, I think he’s going to do ET for the 100th episode, sorry for the confusion.

  7. rosenhacker
    | Reply

    For the record, the director is named Timothy Bond, and he’s only done TV episodes and direct-to-TV movies after this, including a movie called Night of the Twisters. So this is the highlight of his films.

  8. GhostAnjo
    | Reply

    rofl The movie just got a sudden meth attack
    He’s the fastest thing Alive!!!!!!!!
    The movie just went Sonic The Hedgehog on us.

  9. Broezzz
    | Reply

    @Actiomedey y the fuck are you talking about AVGN

  10. Cheatboy318
    | Reply

    Incredible hulk the piano song bye bye bruce

  11. McHagis123
    | Reply

    AVGN way better

  12. BluePBoxProductions
    | Reply

    Thats Ian and NC that has the htc incredible!

  13. Brandon999LFC
    | Reply

    Yeah that’s a good one bernie

  14. ThePoison27
    | Reply

    at 2:58, insert “Hot Fuzz” or “Shaun of the Dead” reference there!!!

  15. sirmugman
    | Reply

    what about chocolate dogs or brown dogs? cus i own a chocolate labadoor

    | Reply

    5 people were black dogs

  17. ChristinasMinx
    | Reply

    Why is Bill Maher’s grandfather trying to kidnap a kid monster?

  18. AngusTheWolf
    | Reply

    am i the only one who was scared this was the end of the nostalgia critic when it came out?

  19. Lupucillo
    | Reply

    HAHAHA, Karl’s Kut n’ Kurl, or KKK. No black dogs. That was just hilarious!

  20. 22nooblet
    | Reply

    Well, it’s not like they’re gonna name a zombie movie “Chicken dance the movie.”
    The title’s gotta have relevence. And the Fellowship of the ring, the Lord of the Rings and the Two Towers aren’t exactly sub-plots.

  21. PS3Fan487
    | Reply

    “DUH, thinkingh iz harhd…” LOL LAWL

  22. JTMarsh42
    | Reply

    Sad, I actually had one of these as a kid, but never saw the movie or show. No idea where it came from.

  23. SonicTheHedgehog1224
    | Reply

    @Lupucillo Well I, along with thousands of people, found it racist…

  24. BethGoth15
    | Reply

    @AngusTheWolf Not really 😛 I know a lot of people were.

  25. stormyquin
    | Reply

    really nice house

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