No Eyes to See

No Eyes to See

By Ena Clewes

I had a cat for many years who became my faithful companion. Unfortunately, he passed away after 18 years, and I was devastated.

I vowed that I would never have another cat, as I did not want to go through the emptiness that his loss created.

One day my friend came to call, she raises Himalayan cats, and after we got chatting she mentioned that she was trying to find a home for a one year old male. I was surprised, as she never has problems selling her kittens and I asked why this one was still with her.

She then proceeded to tell me that he was blind, had been since birth, but she couldn’t have him put down. Now, this was meant to get my sympathy, which of course it did! I heard myself say “Well I could come and see him?” only to find that he was in her car! Oh, how well she knew me!

When I saw this little bundle of white fur, with the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen in a cat, I was hooked! When I picked him up and held him, he was mine.

I have so much admiration for this little creature who lives in the dark. I watch him as he wanders around the floor, testing with his long whiskers as to how far he is from objects, putting out his paw to feel if he is safe to go further. Despite his handicap, he bravely goes about his day,letting nothing hinder him in his inate curiosity, as in all cats.

He has given me a new outlook on life, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. There have been many days when I have been feeling sorry for myself, life has been too stressful, or so I tell myself, and I just want to pull up the bedcovers and hide, and then I see my little white furry friend, trying so hard to have a life, and not give in to his blindness. He has been an inspiration to me, his determination, his courage and his perseverance, are beyond words.

Animals do have a lot to teach us, although we are not always willing to learn. I watch the cats in my barn, wild though they may be, they are devoted to each other, older siblings taking care of new kittens, mother cat watching constantly over her brood, standing back when I give them food, to make sure her babies are fed first.

Yes, they can certainly put us to shame, can we claim the same devotion to our siblings and family? In many cases, the answer would be no.

ena clewes

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