Newsletter from Iams: P&G Pet Care Update on Menu Foods Recall

P&G Pet Care Update on Menu Foods Recall

P&G Pet Care Update

March 30, 2007

Dear Consumer:

As promised, we are continuing to keep you updated on the Menu Foods recall.

We know the Menu Foods recall has caused concern, frustration and anger among many pet lovers, including many of our own employees and their families. We want you to know that we care deeply, and we continue to take action on your behalf.

We want to comment on the new announcement today (Friday, March 30, 2007) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that they have found a substance called melamine in the wheat gluten of recalled products, and not the aminopterin, as earlier suspected by the New York Foods Laboratory.

We can reassure you:

First, there is no melamine or aminopterin in any of our Iams and Eukanuba dry pet foods on store shelves.

In fact, Iams and Eukanuba dry pet foods to DO NOT contain wheat gluten. Our dry dog and cat foods are made exclusively by P&G Pet Care and not by Menu Foods.

Pet owners can feel safe and confident in feeding all Iams and Eukanuba dry foods, as well as any wet foods that are not on the Menu Foods recall list. Click here to see the specific list of recalled wet pouch and canned products.

We want to review the key actions we’ve taken:

* We immediately worked with retailers to remove from store shelves the small number of our wet pouch and canned products affected by the Menu Foods recall.

* We immediately suspended production of all our foods manufactured at the affected Menu Foods Emporia, Kansas plant.

* We have shared all of our data and continue to cooperate fully with FDA, which is leading this important investigation.

* A task force of prominent North American veterinary health care experts, convened by Iams to review the recall, recently agreed: “Veterinarians and pet owners should feel safe recommending and feeding Iams and Eukanuba dry foods.”

We want to stress again that you can confidently feed all of your pets any of our dry foods, as well as the wet foods not affected by the Menu Foods recall. If you have any questions about the recalled products, please click here to see the specific list of recalled wet pouch and canned products.

P&G Pet Care is deeply committed to pet well-being and our top priority is to help you care for your dog and cat family members. We will continue to provide you with meaningful updates. If you have additional questions, not answered on our Web site FAQs, please call us at 1-800-882-1591.

Copyright © 2007 The Iams Company. All rights reserved.

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  1. Alessia
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    non compreremo alcun prodotto dalla vostra ditta affinchè non smettete di fare esperimenti su cani e gatti per il vostro stupido mangiare….non si può accettare assolutamente…come vi sentiresse se vi trattassimo come cavie da laboratorio facendo esperimenti brutali su di voi solo per “fare del bene” ad altre persone????alcune volte(sempre)siamo noi le vere bestie…e ce ne dobbiamo vergognare…VERGOGNA!!!!!che schifo che mi fà la razza umana….

  2. Alessia
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    non acquisterò assolutamente i vostri prodotti fino a che non smetterete di compiere atrocità inutili su gatti e cani fuori dalla lagge…vivisezionandoli…facendo test dolorosi per niente;quando già tantissime aziende usano metodi più efficaci,metodi che non implicano l’utilizzo di alcun animale…e se vi trovasse voi in uno stupido laboratorio rinchiuso in gabbie piccolissime soffrendo solo per “far stare bene” ad altre persone…così non vi conviene..certo..
    allora perchè non provate neanche a mettervi nei loro panni..a sentire ciò che provano…voi non siete umani,voi non provate sentimenti,voi sentite solo l’odore dei soldi!!!che schifo che mi fà la razza umana!!!!siamo noi le vere bestie!!!! -Alessia-gurrado-

  3. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Okay .. a little outdated, but that is your choice and thanks for your comments!


    Quella è la vostra scelta. ringraziamenti per le vostre osservazioni

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